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Financial stability shapes lives. It impacts nearly every part of a person’s life, including education and health, enabling a family to plan for the future, access quality health care and support their children’s success in school.

At United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, we recognize the importance of financial stability, and we lead and invest in programs that ensure our North Texas neighbors can get and keep better jobs, reduce debt and build their savings.

Our Key Income Goal

As part of our Aspire United 2030 goals, we’re working to increase by 20% the number of young adults who earn a living wage, adding nearly $800 million in wages per year in North Texas.

It will take all of us working together to ensure all North Texans have access to the resources necessary to achieve financial security. Can we count you in?

Our Income Programs

We lead and support programs that put residents on new career pathways, deliver the skills and resources to improve their economic mobility, provide them with basic necessities in emergency situations and help them hold on to more of what they earn. By investing in our residents’ financial stability today, we’re affecting our community for generations.

Financial Inclusion Roundtable

Gives families access to insured deposit accounts, fair credit and quality financial programs

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Free Tax Prep

Offers free tax preparation services that enable families to maximize tax refunds and create a foundation for savings

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Pathways to Economic Mobility

Provides families the tools to increase savings, improve credit scores, reduce debt and avoid predatory lending products

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Pathways to Work

Creates innovative solutions for moving workers into good jobs and ensures employers have a pipeline of skilled, ready-to-work employees

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Ruth Sharp Altshuler Basic Needs Fund

Provides the funding for most of our annual basic needs grants, allowing us to consistently respond to families in crisis

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Southern Dallas Thrives

Provides supportive services and workforce development training in high-growth industries to women in Southern Dallas

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Our Advocacy Work

We are in a unique position to mobilize a wide range of stakeholders to push bi-partisan legislation that can change the trajectory of thousands in our region. We work to boost economic mobility by advocating for workforce programs that teach in-demand skills and programs that give hard-working families access to tools to build and gain assets. Learn more about our advocacy work and how you can get involved.

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