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Women in Construction

Creating New Job Possibilities

This program has really opened up a lot of doors to opportunities that I may not have had.

Michelle Wheeler, recent Women in Construction graduate

Women in Construction, our partnership with Hilti North America, provides women in Southern Dallas with job training, supportive services, and job placement assistance for women, with a goal of creating a career pathway into the construction industry. The program is part of our Southern Dallas Thrives initiative, whose goals include providing skills-based talent development opportunities to Southern Dallas residents and creating a more diverse workforce for North Texas employers.

Watch the video to learn more about the impact of this innovative program.

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Our Focus

Set up Students for Educational Success

Education can chart a child’s future, opening doors and setting students up for a lifetime of success. Access to education is also closely linked with our other focus areas—income and health—because educational achievement leads to higher incomes, which in turn improves access to health. That’s why at United Way of Metropolitan Dallas we lead and invest in programs that improve access to education so all North Texas students are prepared for the careers of tomorrow.