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Homelessness Services Capacity Building Program

This initiative, which provides support to nonprofit organizations that deliver homelessness-related services, is part of our continuum of programming that seeks to end homelessness in our region. 

United Way’s Homelessness Services Capacity Building Program (HSCB) provides nonprofit organizations with developmental support in the areas of program delivery, fundraising, marketing and branding, human resources, volunteer management, financial and operations, and board governance.

HSCB will also provide:

  • Access to the local Continuum of Care, which will enable participants to strengthen community relationships and continue to develop as an organization.
  • Compensation for participants that successfully complete the course.
  • Start-up funding grants for participants that establish their organization as a 501c3.
  • Reimbursement for the cost of having an independent financial audit (for established nonprofits).

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