Need is all around us.
That's why United Way treats 360 degrees of need.

We don’t suffer from just one problem.
That’s why United Way isn’t a single-issue charity.

Our social problems are big.
That’s why we work together to create even bigger solutions.

Our Focus


When kids fall behind in school, they get frustrated and check out before they drop out. Education is the first step in crossing the opportunity divide. We’re investing to make certain all North Texas children have the chance to reach their full potential.


Good health influences everything from how well a child can learn to how much an adult can earn. Its effects truly last a lifetime. So our goal is to ensure that all North Texans have access to nutritious food, quality healthcare, a safe place to call home and the chance to lead healthy, productive lives.


Poverty is a small word that weighs heavily on the shoulders of many North Texans. That’s why we provide the tools and know-how to help North Texans get and keep better jobs, establish savings and hold on to more of what they earn.