Why Health?
Better health leads to better lives. When we’re healthy, we’re able to enjoy life, provide for our families, realize our dreams, and contribute to our communities.

Our Focus on Health Falls Into Three Distinct Areas

By 2020, our goal is to ensure that all North Texans have access to nutritious food, quality health care, a safe place to call home and the chance to lead healthy, productive lives. Last year, we invested $8 million and supported programs for healthy living.

Healthy Living

We support programs that encourage healthy eating and exercise behaviors in both children and adults, programs to promote sobriety, mental health, as well as provide access to primary care helping prevent a variety of health issues that shorten lives and strain community resources. Learn more about them below and get inspired to lend a hand.

Family Violence Prevention

From intervention services to parental education to therapy and advocacy for victims, we support a range of exceptional North Texas programs that help break the cycle of family violence.

Healthy Moms & Babies

We help provide prenatal health care and pediatric health care to those who otherwise wouldn’t have it, so local families can avoid health issues in the future. See how we’re protecting the next generation and get inspired to help.

Hunger Doesn't Take the Summer Off

More than 300,000 North Texas children are at risk of going hungry during the summer. Watch how the North Texas Summer & Supper Council is working to change that.

GroundFloor: Adaptive Training Foundation

Through their innovative physical training program, Adaptive Training Foundation challenges wounded veterans to redefine what’s possible for their future.

Learn how we do more to support our local community.