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Education can chart a child’s future, opening doors and setting students up for a lifetime of success. Access to education is also closely linked with our other focus areas—income and health—because educational achievement leads to higher incomes, which in turn improves access to health. That’s why at United Way of Metropolitan Dallas we lead and invest in programs that improve access to education so all North Texas students are prepared for the careers of tomorrow.

Our Key Education Goal

As part of our Aspire United 2030 goals, we’re working to increase by 50% the number of third grader who read on grade level.

It will take all of us working together to ensure all North Texans have access to the educational opportunities necessary to truly thrive. Can we count you in?

Our Education Programs

We create and lead a range of programs that help ensure students are ready for success in college or career by the time they graduate high school. By improving education today, our programs can also impact our community’s income and health for years to come.

Dollars for College

Provides a safe, easy and affordable way for low-income families to open a my529 children’s savings account for college

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Healthy Outcomes Through Early Prevention and Support (H.O.P.E.S.)

Provides resources, home visiting, support services and more to ensure parents are equipped to create safe and healthy home environments…

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Once Upon a Month™

Delivers age-appropriate children’s books to families each month to stimulate curiosity, language development and learning skills

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TEA Recess

Provides resources for childcare centers to increase the quality of preschool programming and ensure kids start kindergarten ready to learn

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Texas Home Visiting program

Matches parents and soon-to-be-parents with trained home visitors that teach positive parenting strategies and how to prepare kids for kindergarten

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Southern Dallas Thrives

Works to improve the quality of preschool education and prepare high school students for college or a career

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Start Smart Texas

Supplies quality child development information via a free text service to help parents become confident first teachers for their child

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Our Advocacy Work

We advocate for state and federal policies and programs that complement and advance early development programs and community initiatives that support parents with young children. Learn more about our advocacy work and how you can get involved.

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