Why Education?
Education is the first step in crossing the opportunity divide. And we're investing in local programs to make certain all North Texas children have the chance to reach their full potential.

Our Focus on Education Covers Three Distinct Areas

By 2020, we expect 60% of all North Texas students who graduate to be prepared to succeed in college or a career. Last year, we invested $9 million and supported programs that lay the groundwork for success.

Strong Start

We fund programs that lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and provide parents with the tools they need to give their children the best possible start, and skills to enter kindergarten ready.

Academic Achievement

We provide mentors in many in-school, afterschool and summer programs to read to, tutor and inspire North Texas students of all ages.

College and Career Prep

We encourage and promote college and career in many ways, from tutoring and mentoring to improving subject matter. We also work to ensure that every student who graduates is prepared for what comes next, be it college or a career.

Turning Dropouts Into Degrees

In Texas, 9 out of 10 at-risk students who enroll in college find themselves unprepared, underfunded and wind up dropping out. Since 2009, more than 85% of ScholarShot Scholars have earned degrees.

GroundFloor: Dallas Teacher Residency

Through United Way’s GroundFloor program, 
Dallas Teacher Residency brought a new approach to teacher training in North Texas when they introduced a residency program that gives future teachers hands-on experience.

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