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Education opens doors, broadens horizons and sets kids up for success. Along with health and income, it’s one of the building blocks of opportunity. That’s why we create, lead and invest in a wide range of programs that give kids a strong start, quality out-of-school time and strong pathways through high school to college and career.

Aspire United 2030 Goals

We’ve collaborated with a broad spectrum of community partners to develop a set of 10-year goals to drive transformative change and advance racial equity in the areas of education, income and health in North Texas. Together, we can ensure all North Texans have the opportunity and access to thrive.

To make that aspiration a reality, this is our key focus in the area of education:

Challenge 50%

of North Texas third grade students do not read proficiently.

Goal 50%

Increase by 50% the number of students reading on grade level by third grade.

Racial Equity 2X

Double the achievement rate for Black and Latinx students to close the racial gap

It will take all of us working together to ensure all North Texas students are reading on grade level and have a pathway for success in college or career. Can we count you in?

Our Programs

When kids fall behind in school, they get frustrated and check out before they drop out. We create and lead a range of programs that set students up to achieve now and in the future. By improving education today, our programs can also impact our community’s income and health for years to come.

Strong Start

The Strong Start Initiative provides families with children ages 0-8 access to free programs that promote safe and healthy environments, kindergarten readiness and early childhood literacy.

Once Upon a Month™

Delivers age-appropriate children’s books to families each month to stimulate curiosity, language development and learning skills.

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Provides resources for childcare centers to increase the quality of preschool programming and ensure kids start kindergarten ready to thrive.

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Texas Home Visiting Program

Matches parents and soon-to-be-parents with trained home visitors that teach positive parenting strategies and how to prepare kids for kindergarten.

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Start Smart Texas

Supplies quality child development information via a free text service to help parents become confident first teachers for their child.

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Academic Success

We provide mentors in many afterschool and summer programs who read, tutor and inspire North Texas students of all ages.

Grow South | Grow Strong

Increases student success in the southern Dallas Roosevelt Feeder Pattern with programs, events and workshops that address challenges and opportunities.

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Character Playbook

Encourages middle school students to build values and character with the support and involvement of NFL players and representatives.

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Success After High School

From tutoring and mentoring to improving school subject matter our programs and targeted initiatives are designed to encourage and promote college and career readiness. We work to ensure that every high school student is prepared to succeed after graduation.

Future Focus Camp

Helps students understand their options after graduation by providing college and career exploration, skills building sessions, corporate visits and more.

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Our Advocacy Work

We advocate for state and federal policies and programs that complement and advance early development programs and community initiatives that support parents with young children. Learn more about our advocacy work and how you can get involved.

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Social Innovation Accelerator

Our Social Innovation Accelerator supports, develops and invests in bold new solutions in the areas of education, income and health. We’re working to fill the gaps in North Texas services to improve the building blocks of opportunity. Here are just a few of the participants that focus on education.

Dallas Teacher Residency

Brings a new approach to teacher training with a residency program that gives future teachers hands-on experience.

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Provides academic managers that assist with degree plans, budgets, progress and address the 90% dropout rate of at-risk college students.

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Education Opens Doors

Cultivates a college-going culture in middle school students by supporting teachers who embed college and career curriculum inside the classroom.

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Readers 2 Leaders

Teaches after-school caregivers, coaches and scout leaders to incorporate essential literacy learning into everyday activities.

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Student Success Agency

Connects high school students with near-peer mentors via their mobile devices for on-demand access to mentoring, tutoring and college advising.

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Learn About the Other Ways We Put Opportunity in the Hands of All North Texans
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