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A Video Guide to Filing a Childcare Facility Property Tax Exemption

Here’s how childcare providers can benefit from Dallas’ recently passed tax relief ordinance.

April 1, 2024

The City of Dallas and Dallas County recently approved a 100% tax break for childcare facilities serving low-income families—a move that will make childcare more affordable for North Texans and help advance our mission to improve access to education, income and health.

At United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, we want to encourage every eligible childcare owner to apply for this tax break if your municipality has approved it. We’ve produced a helpful instructional video in partnership with the North Texas Early Education Alliance to guide you through the application process.

Learn More About Prop 2 and Encourage Local Implementation

At United Way, we’ve been closely following and reporting on Prop 2, the constitutional amendment that paved the way for childcare facility tax relief. Read our blog to learn more about this important policy change and how it impacts education, income and health.

Are you in a city or county that hasn’t approved childcare facility tax relief? Learn how to implement this tax relief locally.

Looking for Support in Filing Your Taxes?

United Way offers free tax preparation services to ensure our neighbors save money when filing their taxes and receive all eligible credits and refunds.

Read our new blog to learn more.


Get Free Tax Assistance

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