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Author: United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Working toward Equity for All

Ashley grew up in Southern Dallas. Her family still lives in the area, and she still has a lot of connections to the community there. Throughout her life, she’s seen first-hand how systemic inequities can hold back entire communities—including parts of Southern Dallas—and prevent people from thriving.

From a young age, Ashley knew she wanted to help tackle the challenges that affect North Texans, like lack of access and opportunity in the areas of education, income and health. Today, she supports United Way of Metropolitan Dallas because it enables her to help create a more equitable community for everyone.

A Chance to Improve Equity

When Alex moved to Dallas, she heard how divided it can be. It wasn’t long before she saw it for herself: incredible prosperity alongside entire communities that lack access to good schools, living-wage jobs and nutritious food. She found herself searching for a way to give back and make North Texas a better place for everyone.

Alex was introduced to United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and appreciated how easy it was to make a real impact in areas that directly affect people’s lives. Today, she is part of the Live United movement and frequently pitches in to improve access to education, income and health.

Paying Her Success Forward for Others

Growing up in an underserved community in Michigan, Alexis didn’t realize college was an option for her—until she joined a community program that exposed kids like her to all the possibilities of a college degree. Today, she understands that she wouldn’t be where she is without her community and without programs that invest in improving people’s lives.

Alexis was drawn to United Way of Metropolitan Dallas because it provided an opportunity to make a broad impact on North Texas. Drawing on her experience in the Michigan community program, she Lives United so she can create for others the same type of transformative change that she experienced.

Improving Health Care Access for All

Daniel was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was just 21 years old—an experience that opened his eyes to the importance of health care coverage. Although he was able to access the care he needed, he was heartbroken to realize that many other patients just like him lack insurance or can’t afford to pay for lifesaving medications and treatments.

Since then, Daniel has become a vocal advocate for more equitable health care access. As part of the Live United movement, he loves having a chance to pay it forward so everyone has access to the kind of care that saved his life.

Continuing a Legacy of Giving Back

Sheri’s passion for giving back to the community was sparked at a young age, when her grandmother would gather the family to pass out sandwiches to people experiencing homelessness in downtown Dallas. Today, she understands it will take the entire community working together to tackle our long-standing, systemic challenges—a perspective that drew her to United Way of Metropolitan Dallas.

As a donor, advocate and volunteer with United Way, Sheri can have a direct impact on three areas that she cares about: education, income and health. Best of all, she gets to help improve the lives of people right here in our community.

Sharing a Passion for Education

As a young child, Tyler struggled with reading and writing and was almost held back in school. Luckily, his family had the resources to support his education and get him past those challenges—an experience that made him passionate about ensuring all students have the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

Tyler had always admired how United Way of Metropolitan Dallas works to tackle local social issues, and after trying a few volunteer events, he was hooked. Today, he encourages other young people to look at what’s not working in their community, stand up and be part of the movement to make it right.

Finding Her Passion Project

Hannah has always been committed to giving back to her community, and when she moved to Dallas, she started her search for a passion project. After attending an event with United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, she realized it felt like a grassroots organization—small and welcoming. Best of all, United Way gave her an opportunity to make a meaningful impact in education, an area that has always been close to her heart.

Today, Hanna is a dedicated supporter, working to engage other young people with the Live United movement and help them find an outlet for their passion for improving our community.

An Opportunity to Create and Lead Change

For Inia, giving back to the community has always been part of her DNA. Her parents worked hard and always made a point to lend support to friends and neighbors. As she grew up, she knew she wanted to continue that tradition.

When Inia found out that United Way of Metropolitan Dallas works to create change in three areas that she’s passionate about—education, income and health—she knew she had to get involved. As part of the Live United movement, Inia has the opportunity to not only create change but to lead it.