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Your Voting Guide for the Midterm Elections

At United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, we encourage you to spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the races and candidates in your jurisdiction, as w…

Preventing Childhood Hunger

Watch our video showing the impact of the North Texas Summer & Supper Council, which prevents hunger by supporting summer meals programs in North Texas.

Financial Assistance for Healthcare Coverage

See if you qualify to apply for financial assistance for healthcare coverage through the North Texas Healthcare Coverage Collaborative.

Enroll in Health Insurance

Looking for health coverage? Our certified healthcare navigators can help you enroll in health insurance, Medicaid or CHIP.

How to Get Half a Million More Texans to Embrace Obamacare? Show Them the Money

Here’s something that’s usually not bigger in Texas: growth in Obamacare. For years, Texas has been a laggard in signing up residents on, d…

A Year of Hunger Relief in Southern Dallas

Access to nutritious meals is a key component of a healthy life. Good health affects all areas of life, impacting everything from how well a student …

North Texas Summer and Supper Council Makes Sure Kids Don’t Go Hungry

The North Texas Summer and Supper Council hosted its first in-person summer meals kickoff event Wednesday for the first time since the pandemic started. T…

Preventing Childhood Hunger This Summer

When the school year ends, tens of thousands of North Texas students rely on summer meals programs to access regular nutritious meals and to keep hunger at b…