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Lasting change only happens when we work together. And part of that is uniting our voices—speaking up and speaking out. We educate public officials on how education, income and health policies impact our community and advocate to expand opportunities for generations.

Here Are Some of
Our Most Recent Efforts

Improved the Safety in Texas Child Cares

Since 2007, thousands of children have been injured, sexually abused or have died as the result of abuse or neglect in Texas childcare facilities. Along with our allies from across the state, we advocated for multiple bills to drastically improve standards and reporting.

Advocated to Help Feed Seniors

Recent surveys show that 90% of seniors eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) find the online application too daunting to complete. We advocated to simplify the SNAP application and renewal process for seniors, but unfortunately time ran out. Sign the petition asking legislators to make it easier for seniors to receive SNAP.

Prevented Child Abuse

Home visits are one of the only proven methods to prevent maltreatment. We got a big victory when H.O.P.E.S and Nurse-Family Partnership secured $1.5 million and $2.9 million respectively for the next biennium. This additional funding will allow these programs to expand their services on top of their current caseloads.

Advocacy at UWMD

Throughout the year, United Way advocates for policy priorities at all levels of government that advance the attainment of our community goals. We work to mobilize multiple sectors locally and statewide to encourage decision makers to adopt better, more common sense policies. Learn more about some of the issues we’ve worked on for the past couple sessions.

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