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Vote for a Brighter Future for North Texas During Elections on May 4 and 28

Get everything you need to know about Dallas’ 10 bond propositions, local school board candidates, runoffs from the March primaries and more.

April 18, 2024

This is a big election year, and we’re not just talking about November. Did you know there are two important elections in May that will directly impact North Texas?

Among other important items, these elections include two bond propositions that, if approved, would provide historic funding to support people experiencing homelessness and to prevent homelessness through the construction of affordable housing.

At United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, we consider preventing homelessness and encouraging housing stability as foundational to our mission to improve access to education, income and health—because all North Texans need a safe, stable home environment in order to thrive in these three interconnected areas. We work in partnership with community organizations and our supporters to prevent homelessness, encourage the development of affordable housing and lift up our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

We encourage all eligible voters to learn about the bonds and seats in the May elections and make a plan to vote. And we hope every change-seeker in our community will support Dallas’ 10 bond propositions, which will address housing attainability and provide vital investments throughout the city.

Keep reading for more information about what’s on the ballot next month and what you need to know to cast your vote.

Key Voting Dates

May 4 election:

  • Early Voting: April 22-30
  • Election Day: Saturday, May 4

May 28 election:

  • Early Voting: May 20-24
  • Election Day: Tuesday, May 28

What’s on the Ballot

To see a sample ballot for your address, visit the Vote Texas website. Remember, you can print and fill out your ballot and take it with you to the polls so you can easily keep track of who you want to vote for!

There are three key things to look for on your May ballots:

  • May 4 election:
    • Bond propositions that would fund things like parks, libraries and affordable housing projects
    • School board elections in districts across North Texas
  • May 28 election: Runoff elections from the March primaries

Read on for more information on each of these important topics.

Vote ‘Yes’ for These 10 Bond Propositions

One of the most important pieces of the May 4 election is a $1.25 billion bond program, which would fund new and upgraded streets, sidewalks, parks, libraries, cultural facilities, public safety facilities, and homeless facilities. In addition, if passed, the 2024 bond program would fund public infrastructure to support economic development and affordable housing projects.

At United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, we’re encouraging every change-seeker to vote “yes” for these bond propositions, because they encourage greater equity and align with our mission to improve access to education, income and health.

Here are details on each of the 10 propositions:

Proposition A: Streets and Transportation

If passed, Proposition A would fund:

  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Sidewalks
  • Traffic signals
  • Safety projects
  • Railroad crossing noise reduction

Proposition B: Parks and Recreation

If passed, Proposition B would fund:

  • Parks
  • Recreation centers and trails
  • Specialty parks (ex: dog parks, skate parks)
  • Athletic fields
  • Golf center
  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Playgrounds

Proposition C: Flood Protection and Storm Drainage

If passed, Proposition C would fund projects for:

  • Flood protection
  • Storm drainage
  • Erosion control
  • Utilities relocation

Proposition D: Library Facilities

If passed, Proposition D would fund the construction of, repair to and land purchase for libraries, including the Preston Royal Library and the replacement of the North Oak Cliff Branch and the Park Forest Branch libraries.

Proposition E: Cultural and Performing Arts Facilities

If passed, Proposition E would fund the construction of, repair to and land purchase for cultural arts facilities. The project may include the Oak Cliff Cultural Center, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Latino Cultural Center, Majestic Theatre, Sammons Center for the Arts, South Dallas Cultural Center and the Bath House Cultural Center.

Proposition F: Public Safety Facilities

If passed, Proposition F would fund public safety projects, such as the repair of police substations, fire stations, police and fire administrative facilities, and police and fire training facilities.

Proposition G: Economic Development

If passed, Proposition G would fund economic development programs, such as grants and incentives for commercial, industrial, retail, residential or mixed-use development, infrastructure development, and land purchase.

Proposition H: Housing

If passed, Proposition H would fund affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization initiatives, including constructing affordable housing, infrastructure construction and land purchase.

Proposition L: Homelessness

If passed, Proposition I would fund the construction, repair and land purchase for permanent, supportive and short-term housing for North Texans experiencing homelessness.

Proposition J: Information Technology

If passed, Proposition J would provide funding for Dallas’ information technology facilities. The projects may include constructing a City Data Center and improving access control systems, power supply and fire alarm/life safety systems.

For more information on these 10 bond propositions,

For more information on these 10 bond propositions, visit the 2024 Dallas Bond Campaign website. If you live in Collin County, here’s a helpful guide to check out other local bond and city council elections.

Check Out Your Local School Board Candidates

Several North Texas school districts are running school board elections in the May 4 election. This is an opportunity to support candidates who align with your vision for your children’s school and education.

Leadership ISD has created a candidate evaluation tool designed to help community members make an informed vote for candidates who will put students first and remain laser-focused on student outcomes.

The tool presents each candidate’s responses to six outcomes-aligned questions and lets voters rate them based on proven, research-based criteria for effective school board leadership. When finished, the tool will show how you scored each candidate and provide links to their campaign websites and other school board election information.

Visit the Leadership ISD Candidate Evaluation Tool.

Remember to Vote in the May 28 Runoff Elections

March’s primary election resulted in dozens of runoffs throughout Texas, including five key runoffs in North Texas: U.S. House Districts 12 and 32 along with Texas House Districts 33, 61 and 64.

To find out if your district has any runoffs for the May 28 election, visit the Vote Texas website.

And for more information on each runoff race and the candidates involved, check out the Texas Tribune’s Texas 2024 May Runoff Ballot.

Learn More About Voting in North Texas

Visit our Voting Guide webpage for all the info you need to cast your ballot, including:

  • Where to vote
  • How to check your registration
  • What to take with you and more
  • Your rights as a voter in Texas
  • How to vote by mail

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