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Impact Report

A Message from our CEO

Our Mission

We unite the community to create opportunity and access for all North Texans to thrive.
We bring together the corporate, philanthropic, education, civic and nonprofit sectors, as well as the community as a whole, to achieve strategicgoals for our North Texas community. Our vision is a North Texas where all students graduate prepared for success at college or on the job, all local families achieve financial stability and all of our neighbors access the health resources they need to live longer, healthier lives.
We are committed to being a fully inclusive, multicultural, antiracist movement so we can drive transformative change and advance racial equity in the areas of education, income and health—the building blocks of opportunity, which enable all North Texans to thrive.

Our Aspire United 2030 Goals

We collaborated with a broad spectrum of community partners to develop our Aspire United 2030 goals: our North Star for driving transformational change and advancing racial equity in education, income and health across North Texas through the year 2030.



the number of students reading on grade level by third grade


the number of young adults who earn a living wage, adding nearly $800 million per year to the local economy


the number of North Texans with access to affordable health care insurance

Together, We’re Driving
Lasting Change

At United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, we lead a community-wide movement to improve access to education, income and health—the building blocks of opportunity. The energy and enthusiasm of you, the Live United movement, makes it possible to create, lead and invest in programs that improve access and opportunity in our overlapping, interdependent focus areas.


laid the groundwork
for continued educational success


received assistance to get and keep better jobs and build savings for the future


gained access to the health and wellness resources they need to live longer, healthier lives.

Advocacy in Action

Advocacy is an important part of our work to drive systemic, generational change in education, income and health. Although our fiscal year did not include a Texas Legislative session, North Texans continued to feel the positive effects of our ongoing advocacy work.

For example:

In 2019, one of our top legislative priorities was to simplify the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) application for low-income seniors, because only 36% of those eligible are enrolled in SNAP. Our advocates made numerous visits and calls to local legislators, and although the original bills died, our advocacy efforts educated legislators about the need to increase food access for seniors. In 2021, the SNAP bills were refiled and passed with strong support from legislators. The Texas Department of Health & Human Services has since unveiled a simplified application for seniors and those with disabilities.

Over the past two years, United Way led an effort to unite and expand Dallas V.O.T.E.S., a coalition that supports safe, accessible and transparent election administration. Many of the coalition’s recommendations, including the purchase of more voting machines to reduce wait times, continue to benefit Dallas county voters in primary and general elections.

Empowering Student Success

Access to education has the power to open doors and set students up for success in life. A strong educational foundation leads to better paying jobs, which in turn improves access to health care. We lead and invest in programs that ensure all North Texas students are set up to succeed.


Digital Connections

Powered by AT&T, this program distributes laptops and hot spots to students and young adults across Southern Dallas to enable them to access education, further their learning and stay connected in the classroom and beyond. Through our partnership with Compudopt, the laptops come with two years of warranty and bilingual technical assistance.
  • 7

    Device Distribution Events
    between January and June 2022
  • 2,692

    Digital Devices Distributed
    to Southern Dallas youth

    It’s been challenging [with remote learning], but I tell them, ‘There’s no excuses. You have to get it done.’ [With our new laptop], it will give my kids time for additional learning experiences. And I have three kids, so [now] there won’t be as much disagreement over the use of the technology.”

    — LaTasha Wilson, who received a laptop through Digital Connections

    Early Literacy

    Once Upon a Month™ delivers free age-appropriate children’s books to families every month. Thanks to support from The Boone Family Foundation, we’re moving closer to our goal of distributing 1 million books by 2027. Additionally, for the last two years, our partnership with Atmos Energy has provided free Vooks animated storybooks to North Texas children. These programs encourage early literacy by stimulating curiosity, language development and learning skills.

    • 9,397


      received free monthly books from Once Upon a Month™

    • 94%

      of Parents

      read more to their children thanks to Once Upon a Month™

    • 68,700

      Students accessed Vooks

      at home or through their early education teachers

      Heal Play Learn

      Made possible by a grant from the Texas Instruments Foundation, this partnership with Educate Texas delivers hands-on learning opportunities to students in three school districts to encourage social and emotional wellness, physical activity, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills. Following 2021, the first year of Heal Play Learn programming, participating students showed improved retention rates in DeSoto schools, as well as significantly higher projected STAAR test scores.

      • 89

        Hours of Programming
        provided to students
      • 935

        Students Participating
        in hands-on learning activities

        I’ve learned I’m really good at engineering!”

        — Fifth grader Demarcus, who participated with DeSoto ISD

        Ensuring Financial Stability

        Financial stability impacts nearly every part of a person’s life, enabling a family to plan for the future, access quality health care and support their children’s success in school. We lead and invest in programs that ensure North Texans can get and keep better jobs, reduce debt and build savings.


        Dollars for College

        This partnership with Communities Foundation of Texas seeds college savings accounts for low-income students, putting them on a path to attend and graduate college.
        • 229

          New College Savings Accounts
          opened for low-income students
        • $191,508

          in Deposits
          (more than double the previous fiscal year)
        • 462

          received financial education
          Dollars for College is helping us prepare for the future. It takes all the work out of saving for college, and the incentive savings match creates motivation to keep saving for my son.”
          — Ms. Gonzalez, parent from Lancaster ISD

          Pathways to Work

          This workforce development program, supported by JPMorgan Chase & Co. and in parthership with 55 community organizations, gives hardworking North Texans the training necessary to secure jobs in IT or healthcare.
          • 21,453

            North Texans
            served by Pathways to Work
          • 1,656

            Certifications or Degrees
            earned by participants
          • 4,118

            Job Placements
            secured for graduates
            I wanted to upgrade myself and my computer skills, so this is a golden opportunity for me. And my job outlook is going even better. I’ve been to some job fairs, and I’m expecting that phone call any day.”
            — Kay Summerville, Pathways to Work client

            Housing Stability

            We continued to develop and expand our housing stability work to prevent homelessness. The Dallas Rental Assistance Collaborative provided rental and utility assistance to keep families in their homes during challenging economic times. We also helped launch the Targeted Eviction Prevention Program (TEPP), which provides comprehensive case management to 100 families on the verge of eviction to stabilize their lives.
            • 100

              receiving comprehensive eviction case management
            • $17.8

              Million in Assistance
              for rent/utilities provided to families
            • 3,227

              received assistance through the Dallas Rental Assistance Collaborative
              The funds come at the beginning of the month, which allows me to put [them] toward rent to avoid late fees and eviction threats.”
              — Participant in the Targeted Eviction Prevention Program

              Promoting Good Health for All

              Good health creates a foundation that allows North Texans to thrive. Access to health and overall wellbeing affects everything from how well a child can learn to how much an adult will earn. That’s why we lead and invest in programs that improve health access for all North Texans.


              Health Insurance

              We lead the North Texas Consortium, a network of community organizations dedicated to increasing health insurance coverage. Through this program, our Healthcare Navigators assist uninsured North Texans as they compare and enroll in health plans. Navigators also work to get clients signed up for all eligible subsidies, saving many North Texans hundreds of dollars a month.
              • 98,044

                fielded by Healthcare Navigators
              • 35,085

                North Texans
                got assistance with locating providers, accessing preventive care and more
              • 3,648

                Local Children
                enrolled in Medicaid/CHIP
                We are doing more than just enrolling someone in insurance, and the ACA Marketplace is more than just medical coverage. It is returning a sense of empowerment and dignity to the people where it has been lost. Together we can make a difference.”
                — Christina Gamez, Healthcare Navigator

                North Texas Summer & Supper Council

                This partnership with North Texas Hunger Initiative works to improve and amplify summer meals programming to provide regular, nutritious meals to children who qualify for federally funded nutrition programs.
                • 12.2+

                  Million Meals Served
                  in Dallas and Collin counties in 2021
                • 60,000+

                  received regular, nutritious meals in 2021

                  Early Childhood Development

                  Parent education initiatives like Healthy Outcomes Through Prevention & Early Support (HOPES) and Texas Home Visiting Program encourage healthy child development and prevent child abuse by providing families with hands-on instruction, resources and skills needed to create home environments in which young children can thrive.
                  • 1,253


                    participated in family navigation and home visiting through HOPES

                  • 793

                    New Parents
                    worked with a trained home visitor through the Texas Home Visiting Program
                    I have learned to be more patient, to listen to my son, to not yell at him. I, as a mother, have to guide him and help him express his emotions and needs.”
                    — Ms. Adame, HOPES participant

                    Voices of the
                    Live United Movement

                    At United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, we’re leading a movement to improve access to education, income and health. We unite the community and engage individuals at every age and stage, through volunteer and advocacy opportunities, employee engagement, our Giving Societies, and more.

                    Kylie Moreland

                    Leadership Society Member
                    “My involvement in United Way as a young professional has provided meaningful insight as to what resources our neigh- bors need most to achieve the education, financial stability and health we all deserve. I am grateful and proud to be affiliated with such a researched, impactful and important cause.”
                    — Kylie Moreland, Leadership Society Member

                    Regen Horchow

                    2018 – 2022 Ruth Sharp Altshuler Tocqueville Chair
                    “The Tocqueville Society is a powerful and committed group of business and civic leaders who work together to ensure our community is the best it can be. I’m proud of the meaningful impact we had this year for families across North Texas.”
                    — Regen Horchow, 2018-2022 Ruth Sharp Altshuler Tocqueville Chair

                    JW Washington

                    March Tocqueville Fellow
                    “My time as a Tocqueville fellow has expanded my knowledge not only about the challenges my community is facing but also about the organizations and people who dedicate their time and dollars to find innovative ways to improve the circumstances of others.”
                    — JW Washington, Toyota North America and March Tocqueville Fellow

                    Neena Newberry

                    Women of Tocqueville Member and Former Chair, United Way Advocacy Committee
                    “We can absolutely affect change through advocacy. I can donate money or invest my time, but that’s only going to go so far. With advocacy, it’s changing policies that can last for years and affect numerous people.”
                    — Neena Newberry, Women of Tocqueville member and Former Chair, United Way Advocacy Committee

                    Carol and Don Glendenning

                    2018 – 2022 Co-Chairs, Ruth Sharp Altshuler Tocqueville Society $25,000 Circle
                    “The generosity of the North Texas community is well known, and by investing in United Way, it is evident that together, our gifts are driving real, measurable change with lasting impact.”
                    — Carol and Don Glendenning, 2018-2022 Co-Chairs, Ruth Sharp Altshuler Tocqueville Society $25,000 Circle

                    Charlene Lake

                    2020 – 2022 United Way Board Chair
                    “Every year, United Way brings together thousands of individuals, corporations, nonprofits and other groups with a shared vision of a North Texas that works for everyone. And we see the impact of that unity in greater opportunity for each one of our neighbors.”
                    — Charlene Lake, SVP of Corporate Social Responsibility and Chief Sustainability Officer, AT&T 2020-22 United Way Board Chair

                    Ceci Gooch

                    Co-Chair, Teens United
                    “I joined Teens United to support those struggling and also to meet friends from all over my community who also care about giving back.”
                    — Ceci Gooch, Co-Chair, Teens United

                    Michelle Thomas

                    2021 – 2022 Chair, Women of Tocqueville
                    “The collective brilliance and star-power of this diverse and tal- ented group of women who engage and impact our community is incomparable.”
                    — Michelle Thomas, 2021-2022 Chair, Women of Tocqueville

                    Edem Jimbo

                    March Tocqueville Fellow
                    “Giving back is in my DNA, and so I’m really grateful for the opportunity to work with United Way to make North Texas a better place to live, a better place to work, a better place to do business.”
                    — Edem Jimbo, Axxess & Frequent United Way Volunteer & March Tocqueville Fellow

                    Driving Social Innovation

                    Social innovation is embedded in everything we do. This strategic approach enables us to unite everyone from small startups to leading corporations to drive lasting change in the very communities in which we work, live and play.
                    Through the Incubator and Accelerator, we identify and amplify social entrepreneurs with creative new solutions to systemic challenges in education, income and health. With strategic initiatives such as Southern Dallas Thrives, we work closely with our corporate partners to identify local challenges and opportunities and develop bold new solutions that create a measurable impact for our neighbors.
                    Social innovation is one of the keys to unlocking meaningful change across North Texas. United Way is a leader in this space, leveraging targeted programs and community connections to identify the best possible solutions for addressing systemic challenges in education, income and health.”
                    — Grace Cook, member of the United Way Innovation Lab Committee and March Tocqueville Fellow

                    Social Innovation Incubator

                    Launched in 2021, this organizational and leadership development program is designed exclusively for early-stage social ventures led and staffed by women and people of color. Through our 14-week program, we build up innovative startups while reducing gaps in resources and opportunity.

                    20 Entrepreneurs

                    completed the program

                    618 Hours of Mentoring and Coaching

                    provided to participants

                    80% Women-Led Ventures

                    during our 2021-2022 cohorts

                    85% Incubator Entrepreneurs

                    were people of color

                    Social Innovation Incubator Investors

                    • Charles Schwab
                    • Comerica
                    • The Eugene McDermott Foundation
                    • Jacobs
                    • Target
                    • United Way Women of Tocqueville Fund for Women and Children

                    Social Innovation Accelerator in Collaboration with Accenture

                    The Accelerator provides social entrepreneurs with critical resources to scale their ventures and grow their impact. Fellows receive funding, professional mentorship and community connections and undergo a bootcamp, powered by Santander, to refine their business plans and set milestone goals. The program culminates at The Pitch, presented by AT&T, where finalists compete on stage for additional seed funding.
                    • 155K

                      served by Accelerator alumni
                    • $520K

                      in Seed Funding
                      invested through the Accelerator and The Pitch
                    • 1,500

                      Hours of Mentoring and Coaching
                      provided to 2021-2022 Fellows
                      At Accenture, we see the value of investing in social innovation in helping create and incubate new ways to make North Texas a more equitable place. Working with United Way and our mentors, the Accelerator brings innovation to life.”
                      — Jorge Corral, Dallas Office Managing Director, Accenture

                      Social Innovation Accelerator Investors

                      • Accenture
                      • AT&T
                      • Capital One
                      • Carol & Kevin March
                      • Charles Schwab
                      • The Eugene McDermott Foundation
                      • The Kleinert Family
                      • The Hoglund Foundation
                      • March Tocqueville Fellows
                      • The Moozie Foundation
                      • PwC
                      • Santander
                      • Satori Capital
                      • Sara & Gary Ahr
                      • Melanie & Scott Schoenvogel
                      • SVP Dallas
                      • Toyota
                      • Vistra
                      • United Way Teens United

                      Innovation in Action: Southern Dallas Thrives

                      Women’s Workforce Initiative

                      Launched in 2021, this initiative—which includes Women in Construction, a partnership with Hilti North America—provides women with social support and training to secure jobs in high-growth industries

                      57 Participants

                      completed the program

                      127 Recipients

                      of support services

                      67% of Participants

                      in Women in Construction are currently employed

                      Hunger Relief

                      In partnership with Goodr, we deployed creative solutions to food insecurity caused by high food prices and stagnant wages.

                      1,200+ Families

                      received groceries at pop-up markets

                      60,000+ Meals

                      provided to North Texas families

                      Campus-based Community Hubs

                      New resource rooms at Lincoln and South Oak Cliff High Schools provide 3,500+ students, plus teachers and community members, with access to technology, books, health resources and more.
                      We’ve collaborated with United Way to build a program to have an impact in a targeted way. We’ve had many companies step up with us and match what we’ve put in—and it has really created a virtuous cycle that’s making a significant impact in the community.”
                      — Steven Williams, CEO, PepsiCo Foods North America & 2022-24 United Way Board Chair

                      Southern Dallas Thrives Investors

                      • AT&T
                      • Celanese
                      • Comerica
                      • Frito-Lay North America
                      • Hilti North America
                      • PepsiCo Foundation
                      • Rita Crocker Clements Foundation
                      • Trinity Industries
                      • Vistra

                      Supporting Investors

                      • Bank of Texas
                      • CGI Group
                      • Stacy’s
                      • Union Pacific

                      Grassroots Engagement

                      Last year thousands of volunteers invested their time and talents to improve access to education, income and health in our community.

                      4,082 Volunteers

                      engaged in education, income and health initiatives

                      128 Projects

                      completed with partners and individuals in the community

                      5,785 Volunteer Hours

                      dedicated to improving North Texas
                      • Texas Instruments

                        Summer Meals kickoff
                      • Mr. Cooper Group

                        Day of Impact
                      • Ernst & Young (EY)

                        United Way Reading Day
                      Investing in United Way is one of the most effective ways to make a lasting impact and bring about positive long-term change.”
                      — Andy Smith, Director of Giving and Volunteer, Texas Instruments
                      Executive Director, Texas Instruments Foundation
                      Community giving and being part of the neighborhoods that we live and work in is really important to us. We have a long track record of working with United Way—our team members love it, and we love helping support our community.”
                      — Kelly Ann Doherty, Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Cooper Group
                      Together with like-minded organizations, EY people use their distinctive skills, knowledge and experience to bring positive change in our communities. Through our work and collaboration with United Way, we are making an impact in North Texas to support the next generation workforce.”
                      — Michelle Vopni, Dallas Office Managing Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

                      Endowing the Future
                      of North Texas

                      In May 2022, we celebrated the close of Unite Forever, the first endowment campaign in our nearly 100-year history. Launched seven years ago, the goal of the campaign was to create a permanent financial foundation that will support our future work in North Texas. Thanks to the generosity of hundreds of donors and the energy and enthusiasm of campaign co-chairs Ed Galante and Mary Templeton, we met and exceeded the $100 million campaign goal three years ahead of our deadline.

                      Our successful Unite Forever campaign establishes a predictable, sustainable and stable future in which we will continue to advance our mission of improving access to education, income and health. As a result, the Live United movement will be able to positively impact more North Texans every year, in perpetuity.

                      The Future is Bright

                      Meeting our $100 million Unite Forever goal is just the beginning. As we move closer to the centennial of United Way of Metropolitan Dallas in 2025, we are more focused than ever on uniting a broad coalition of supporters to drive meaningful impact in North Texas.

                      Looking ahead, the Live United movement will benefit from the leadership of incredible change-seekers like Jean Savage, our 2022-2023 Annual Campaign chair; Erin Nealy Cox and Trey Cox, the new Ruth Sharp Altshuler Tocqueville Society co-chairs; Mandy Austin, our new Women of Tocqueville chair; and Jason and Laura Downing, co-chairs of the Tocqueville $25,000 Circle.

                      In 2022 we launched the second class of our March Tocqueville fellows, an engaging leadership and giving program generously funded by Carol and Kevin March. With 47 dynamic fellows in the program, we are cultivating the next generation of North Texas philanthropists who will shape the future of our community.

                      The Live United movement is energized, unified and committed to making real change in the lives of all North Texans. Throughout the coming year and beyond, these incredible civic and business leaders, philanthropists, corporate partners and individuals are going to work together toward our common vision: to ensure all North Texans can thrive.
                      — Jean Savage, President & CEO, Trinity Industries and 2022-2023 United Way Campaign Chair

                      Lasting Change

                      Throughout our last fiscal year, the Live United movement funded meaningful impact for more North Texans than ever before.
                      Where Our Funding Comes From
                      How We Invest in Opportunity for All
                      *During an unprecedented year, a significant portion of our funding came from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), including rental assistance and health insurance navigation. United Way was selected as a trusted partner by the City of Dallas and our federal government to create innovative solutions and provide local support to North Texans.

                      Financial Statement
                      Fiscal Year 2022

                      July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022
                      Support & Revenues57,494,271
                      Grant & Contribution Revenue
                      Government Contract Revenue
                      UWMFMD (Foundation) Grant
                      Other Revenue Sources
                      In-Kind Goods & Services
                      Program Services
                      Management & General
                      Current Assets
                      Land, Building & Equipment
                      Other Long-Term Assets
                      Liabilities & Net Assets43,656,559
                      Current Liabilities
                      Without Donor Restriction
                      With Donor Restriction
                      *United Way receives multi-year gifts and recognizes the full gift upon pledge. The gifts are used to support Program Services over the multi-year period, thus expenses for the year may be higher than the revenue reflected on the report.

                      Our Corporate Partners LEAD UNITED to create lasting change in North Texas

                      • AAA Club Enterprises 
                      • Abbott Laboratories 
                      • Acadian Ambulance Service 
                      • Accenture 
                      • Amazon 
                      • Amegy Bank
                      • American First National Bank
                      • Arcosa 
                      • Atmos Energy Corporation 
                      • Avient 
                      • Axxess 
                      • Baker Botts L.L.P. 
                      • Bank of America 
                      • Bank of Texas
                      • Baylor Scott & White Health 
                      • Black & Veatch 
                      • Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Texas  
                      • BMO Harris Bank 
                      • Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 
                      • Burns & McDonnell 
                      • Capital One Bank
                      • Carrington Coleman 
                      • Centene Management Company LLC  
                      • Central Market 
                      • CGI Technologies and Solutions  
                      • Charles Schwab & Co Inc.  
                      • ChildCareGroup 
                      • Children’s Medical Center Foundation  
                      • Citi 
                      • Clampitt Paper Company of Dallas  
                      • Cole Haan Footwear, Inc. 
                      • Comerica 
                      • Companion Data Services 
                      • Contran Corporation 
                      • Costco Wholesale 
                      • Dallas Area Rapid Transit  
                      • Dallas Independent School District  
                      • Deloitte 
                      • DFW International Airport 
                      • Dillard’s  
                      • Dollar General 
                      • Dynacraft 
                      • East West Bank 
                      • EMC Insurance Companies  
                      • Enterprise Rent-A-Car 
                      • Ernst & Young LLP (EY)  
                      • ExxonMobil 
                      • Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas  
                      • FedEx Office  
                      • Fiserv/Mortgage Servicing Systems  
                      • Fluor Corporation 
                      • FM Global 
                      • Foley & Lardner LLP  
                      • Freeman Corporate Office  
                      • Freese and Nichols, Inc.  
                      • Frost Bank 
                      • FTI Consulting  
                      • GEICO 
                      • Global Payments 
                      • Grant Thornton LLP 
                      • Gresham, Smith & Partners  
                      • Haskell Company 
                      • Haynes and Boone, LLP 
                      • Hilti North America 
                      • Holmes Murphy & Associates, Inc  
                      • HOLT CAT 
                      • Humana Inc. 
                      • Hunt Consolidated, Inc. 
                      • IBM 
                      • Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW)  
                      • Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.  
                      • JE Dunn South Central, Inc.  
                      • Jones Day 
                      • JPMorgan Chase 
                      • Kellogg Company 
                      • Kimberly-Clark Corporation 
                      • KKR  
                      • KPMG LLP 
                      • L3 Harris 
                      • La Madeleine French Bakery 
                      • Lennox International Inc. 
                      • Locke Lord LLP 
                      • Market Street-United 
                      • Mary Kay, Inc. 
                      • McAfee 
                      • McKesson Corporation 
                      • McKinsey & Company, Inc.  
                      • Medical City Dallas Hospital  
                      • Metabank 
                      • Methodist Health System  
                      • Microsoft 
                      • Morrison Products 
                      • Mr. Cooper Group 
                      • Nationwide Insurance 
                      • Nordstrom 
                      • Northern Trust 
                      • Occidental Chemical Corporation  
                      • Oncor 
                      • Oportun, Inc. 
                      • PACCAR Financial Corporation  
                      • Paychex 
                      • Pioneer Frozen Foods, Inc.  
                      • PlainsCapital Corporation 
                      • PNC Financial Services Group  
                      • Principal Financial Group  
                      • Prism Health North Texas  
                      • PurePoint Financial
                      • PwC 
                      • QuikTrip Corporation 
                      • Raymond James & Associates 
                      • Raytheon  
                      • RealPage, Inc. 
                      • Regency Centers 
                      • Regions Bank 
                      • Samsung Electronics America 
                      • Santander Consumer USA  
                      • Satori Capital 
                      • Solar Turbines 
                      • Southern Methodist University 
                      • State Fair of Texas 
                      • Target Corporation 
                      • TDIndustries 
                      • Tenaska, Inc. 
                      • Tenet Healthcare Corporation  
                      • Texas Mutual Insurance Company 
                      • Texas Rangers Baseball Club 
                      • The Richards Group, Inc. 
                      • The Williams Company, Inc. 
                      • Toyota Motor North America 
                      • Transamerica Life & Protection  
                      • Trinity Industries, Inc. 
                      • Truist 
                      • UnitedHealth Group 
                      • UPS 
                      • US Bank
                      • USAA 
                      • Vinson & Elkins LLP 
                      • Vizient 
                      • Walmart Corporation 
                      • Washington Federal Savings  
                      • Wells Fargo
                      • Zions Bank 

                      with Us

                      Join the hundreds of organizations that have chosen United Way as their trusted partner to create meaningful, measurable impact right here in our community.
                      Innovation is the core of our business, which is why our partnership with United Way of Metropolitan Dallas is such a natural fit. United Way takes an innovative approach in bringing together partners to develop programs that create lasting change throughout the North Texas region.
                      — Lori Ryerkerk, Chairman, President & CEO, Celanese Corp. and United Way Board Member
                      United Way is one of the most impactful organizations solving the root cause of issues in the community, and that I’m proud to support.
                      — Michael Hsu, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Kimberly-Clark
                      Vistra is proud to support United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. Together, we share one mission—powering a better way forward. We’ve seen firsthand how our donations address the building blocks of opportunity—education, income and health. We’re on a mission to create stronger, more equitable communities. And we couldn’t ask for a better partner.
                      — Jim Burke, President and CEO, Vistra Corp. and United Way Foundation Board Member
                      Comerica Bank is a longtime and committed supporter of United Way. Our continued partnership is a testament to the positive difference and measurable impact that United Way is uniquely positioned to create in our community year after year.
                      — Curt Farmer, Chairman, President & CEO, Comerica Incorporate & Comerica Bank 2023 – 2024 United Way Campaign Chair

                      Our Leadership

                      United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Board Officers

                      • Charlene Lake

                        Senior Vice President,
                        Corporate Social Responsibility and Chief Sustainability Officer,

                      • Jason Downing
                        Immediate Past Chair
                        Deloitte LLP
                      • James (Jim) Hinton
                        Vice Chair
                        Chief Executive Officer, Baylor Scott & White Health
                      • Steven Williams

                        Chief Executive Officer,
                        PepsiCo Foods North America

                      • Jennifer Sampson

                        McDermott-Templeton President and CEO,
                        United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

                      • Michelle Vopni

                        Dallas Managing Partner, 
                        Ernst & Young LLP (EY)

                      United Way Foundation of Metropolitan Dallas Board Officers

                      • Terri West
                        Texas Instruments Foundation
                      • Clint McDonnough
                        Vice Chair
                        Partner, Ernst & Young LLP (EY) (Retired)
                      • Jennifer Sampson

                        McDermott-Templeton President and CEO,
                        United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

                      • Kevin March
                        Secretary/ Treasurer & Investment Committee Chair
                        Chief Financial Officer, Texas Instruments (Retired)

                      Annual Campaign Chair 2020 – 2022

                      • Anne Chow
                        CEO, AT&T Business (Retired)
                        Chief Financial Officer, Texas Instruments (Retired)

                      United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Senior Leadership Team

                      • Jennifer Sampson
                        McDermott-Templeton President & CEO
                      • Susan Hoff
                        Chief Strategy & Impact Officer
                      • Janice Harissis
                        Chief Financial Officer
                      • John Mitchener
                        Chief Development Officer
                      • Cynthia Round
                        Chief Brand Strategist
                      • Rob Shearer
                        Chief Communications Officer

                      You Are Changing Lives in North Texas

                      Looking back on our fiscal year 2022, I am grateful for every member of this unstoppable Live United movement—from our corporate, nonprofit and civic partners to our first-time and longtime investors to the individual change-seekers, volunteers and advocates who invested time to make an impact. Together, you’ve improved access to education, income and health for nearly 1.5 million North Texans—more than 20% of our region.

                      Many of our neighbors grappled this past year with the effects of inflation, as prices increased rapidly for school supplies, food, housing and nearly every other necessity. As with most societal challenges, our local communities of color have felt this economic pain most acutely.

                      Nonetheless, we drove progress toward our Aspire United 2030 community goals and delivered on our commitment to advance racial equity. And with new challenges in mind, we continued to adapt and innovate, expanding existing initiatives and launching new programs to drive transformational change in our region.

                      When local students missed out on learning opportunities because they lacked access to connectivity and digital technology, we worked with AT&T to launch Digital Connections, providing free laptops to southern Dallas families. When hard-working employees struggled to make ends meet, we enrolled more participants in Pathways to Work, enabling them to access better-paying jobs. And as the cost of healthcare continued to rise, our Healthcare Navigators assisted tens of thousands of families with accessing affordable, high-quality insurance plans.

                      We continued to partner closely with corporate leaders to drive strategic impact. This work included new investments in United Way targeted impact initiatives such as Southern Dallas Thrives, co-created with Frito-Lay and PepsiCo Foundation; Pathways to Work, launched by JPMorgan Chase; and Women in Construction, supported by Hilti North America.

                      In parallel, we closed our groundbreaking $100 million Unite Forever endowment campaign over goal and three years ahead of plan. A robust endowment creates a predictable, sustainable base of funding that will advance our mission and enable the Live United movement to create opportunity for generations of North Texans to thrive.

                      Our success over the past year would not have been possible without the inspiring leadership and unwavering dedication of our board chairs, Charlene Lake, senior vice president, corporate social responsibility and chief sustainability officer, AT&T; and Terri West, chair, Texas Instruments Foundation; as well as our annual campaign chair, Anne Chow, former CEO, AT&T Business.

                      We’re calling on each of you to pledge your confidence, your voice, and your support for achievement of the Aspire United 2030 goals to drive lasting change in education, income and health. Thank you for your commitment to creating access and opportunity for all North Texans to thrive.

                      With gratitude,

                      Jennifer Sampson
                      McDermott-Templeton President and CEO