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Comerica Inc. is dedicated to investing in education, economic development, human services and equity initiatives within the communities it serves. In North Texas, Comerica has a long history of partnering and volunteering with United Way of Metropolitan Dallas to advance their goals in these areas.

Comerica has been one of our most fervent social innovation supporters, enthusiastically investing in our Social Innovation Lab programs over the years and enabling us to evolve and expand our social innovation programming to serve a growing number of North Texans.

The organization is particularly interested in creating opportunity in Southern Dallas, and our partnership is delivering vital investments to these communities. For example, in 2023 Comerica opened BusinessHQ, a first-of-its-kind coworking space for small businesses in Southern Dallas. The space is a unique resource for alumni of our Social Innovation Lab—as well as other local entrepreneurs—and will empower them to continually scale their impact.

Comerica has also been a dedicated supporter of our community impact work as a whole. For example, at our 2022-2023 campaign kickoff, CEO Curt Farmer announced that Comerica—along with PepsiCo Foods North America and Trinity Industries—was investing $1 million in honor of our Centennial in 2025. This generous funding fuels progress toward our shared mission: to improve access to education, income and health so all North Texans can thrive.

Comerica Bank is a longtime and committed supporter of United Way. Our continued partnership is a testament to the positive difference and measurable impact that United Way is uniquely positioned to create in our community year after year.
Curt Farmer, Chairman, President & CEO of Comerica Incorporated and Comerica Bank
2023-2024 United Way Campaign Chair

Partnership Spotlight: Investing in Social Entrepreneurs

Two of Comerica’s philanthropic priorities are promoting equity and encouraging economic development, which align perfectly with our social innovation initiatives. Comerica has invested in the United Way Social Innovation Incubator since its launch in 2021. This organizational and leadership development program is designed exclusively for early-stage social ventures led and staffed by women and people of color. Through our 14-week program, we build up innovative startups while reducing gaps in resources and opportunity.

Comerica is also the lead sponsor of our newly developed Social Innovation Alumni program, which continues the investment of human, social and financial capital in Social Innovation Lab participants so our Accelerator and Incubator alumni can continue to build capacity, scale their organizations and expand their impact in education, income and health. The company even hosts alumni programming at their new BusinessHQ collaborative community space in Southern Dallas.

Meanwhile, Comerica is also a direct investor in LiftFund Women’s Business Center, an alumnus of our Social Innovation Accelerator. When the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Women of Tocqueville invested $50,000 in the organization, Comerica generously pledge a $50,000 match. Backed by this incredible investment, LiftFund will provide microloans to female entrepreneurs in Southern Dallas so they can successfully grow their small businesses.

Leading the Change

Leading the Change
  • Curt Farmer
    Chairman, President & CEO of Comerica Incorporated and Comerica Bank
    United Way’s 2023-2024 Campaign Chair
  • Peter Sefzik
    Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Banking Officer at Comerica Bank
    Member of the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Board of Directors
  • Cassandra McKinney
    Executive Vice President, Executive Director of the Retail Bank for Comerica Bank
    United Way Women of Tocqueville Fund Advisory Council member
  • Melinda Chausse
    Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Credit Officer of Comerica Inc.
    United Way Women of Tocqueville Fund Advisory Council member

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