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AT&T has been one of our top corporate partners since 2011, when the company’s former CEO, Randall Stephenson, served as chair of our Annual Campaign, marking the beginning of a long and successful relationship that continues today.

Through our partnership, AT&T supports community growth in Southern Dallas, greater digital equity, social innovation and other important causes. As a close corporate social responsibility partner, United Way delivers multiple pathways for AT&T to create a meaningful impact in our community.

For example, to fuel its commitment to equitable access to digital technology, AT&T contributed $1 million to United Way’s Southern Dallas Thrives initiative in early 2022 to help address the digital divide. And as the presenting sponsor of The Pitch—the culminating event of our signature social innovation program, the Social Innovation Accelerator—AT&T invests in grassroots social entrepreneurs with innovative solutions for improving education, income and health.

Anne Chow, emceeing at The Pitch
One of the unique strengths of United Way of Metropolitan Dallas lies in the ‘united’ aspect of the organization. It’s not simply one organization working alone, but rather an innovative unifier that taps the best of the community—civic, corporate and nonprofit—to develop solutions to these longstanding challenges in education, income and health.
Anne Chow, CEO, AT&T Business (Retired)
2020-2022 United Way Campaign Chair

Partnership Spotlight: Bridging the Digital Divide

When COVID-19 forced local students to pivot to remote learning, it became clear that many families lack the internet access and technology necessary to thrive in a digital world. As an organization committed to connectivity, AT&T sought to bridge this “digital divide” for Southern Dallas families.

AT&T reached out to United Way to develop a new initiative that would address the digital divide and bring greater equity to the digital technology space. Together, we launched Digital Connections, a program that has distributed thousands of laptops and hot spots to students and young adults across Southern Dallas to enable them to access education, further their learning and stay connected in the classroom and beyond.

Leading the Change

AT&T leaders have partnered with United Way for decades to drive meaningful change in North Texas.
  • Charlene Lake
    Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, AT&T
    2020-22 Chair, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Board
  • John Stankey
    CEO, AT&T
    United Way CEO Council
  • David McAtee
    Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel, AT&T
    Co-Chair, United Way Tocqueville Bench & Bar
  • Rachel Simon
    Vice President, Privacy, AT&T 
    Women of Tocqueville Steering Committee
  • Anne Chow
    CEO (Retired), AT&T Business
    2020-22 United Way Campaign Chair
  • John Stephens
    CFO (Retired), AT&T
    2015-2017 Chair, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Board
  • Michelle Thomas
    Community Volunteer, AT&T (Retired)
    2021-22 Chair, Women of Tocqueville
  • Randall Stephenson
    CEO (Retired), AT&T
    2011 United Way Campaign Chair
All aspects of our community—corporate, philanthropic, government and the public—must work together to ensure everyone has the opportunity to thrive.
Charlene Lake, Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior VP, Corporate Social Responsibility, AT&T

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