About United Way of Metropolitan Dallas | United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

About Us

What We Do

We unite the community to create opportunity and access for all North Texans to thrive, challenging the systemic barriers associated with race. Together with our committed change-seekers, we are mobilizing a movement for lasting change to ensure all our neighbors have access to education, income and health—the building blocks of opportunity. Above all, we inspire our community to Live United to achieve lasting results right here at home.

How We Do It

We bring people, ideas and resources together to create opportunities for all North Texans. And we use our networks and know-how to make that happen. We foster social innovation, mobilize volunteers, drive business participation and spur the public and lawmakers to act for the common good.

Who We Work With

We work with a wide variety of individuals and organizations to create opportunity and access for all North Texans. In short, we inspire people from all walks of life and every part of our community to join us in creating lasting change.

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