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October 22 – November 2, 2018
General Election | Early Voting

November 6, 2018
General Election

We like to say that everything is bigger in Texas but this clearly isn’t the case when it comes to exercising our hard-fought right to elect local, state and national leaders. With such a low voter turnout, your vote truly matters and your voice will affect a multitude of policies that have long-term impact on our community.

So #GoBigGoVote and together, we can help those who want to do good, do great.


When you vote, you have a say in critical public policies that directly impact jobs, education and health—the components of a thriving community, OUR community. Take the #GoBigGoVote pledge today, and commit to cast your vote on (or before) November 6.

There’s no quick fix to our community’s problems, but when you #GoBigGoVote, your voice will affect policies and laws that impact our day-to-day lives. This includes a thriving community with healthy, educated and financially stable residents; we call it treating 360 degrees of need, and we’re passionate about it.


130,000 people who are employed still live in poverty in Dallas.
Sometimes, having a job just isn’t enough.

58% of Dallas-area students are still not college or career ready.
They simply don’t have the skills they need to succeed.

28% of children and 69% of adults are still overweight or obese.
Good health influences everything. Its effects truly last a lifetime.

Use your social channels to help us spread the word. #GoBigGoVote.