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Education opens doors, broadens horizons and sets kids up for success. And reading is the gateway to education, starting from an early age. That’s why United Way has partnered with Atmos Energy and Vooks, the leading streaming service for children’s books, to inspire thousands of North Texas children with the love of reading.

Get your free 1-year Vooks subscription today!

Through this partnership, Vooks will provide access to a free, one-year subscription for children ages 3-6 and early education teachers.

Building a generation of readers
Kids who enter school ready to learn are more likely to read proficiently by 3rd grade. And students that read on grade level by third grade are 5x more likely to graduate ready for success in college or career. By improving education today, we can impact our community’s income and health for years to come.

Learning to Adapt
Teaching and learning look a little different this year. As we adapt to learning outside the classroom, sharing Vooks is a great way for parents to stay involved and improve reading for children. With Vooks, kids have access to reading and learning, wherever they are.

VOOKS Partners

Aspire United 2030 Goals: Education

Together, we can ensure all North Texans, regardless of race or ZIP code, have the opportunity and access to achieve their full potential. We’ve developed a set of 10-year community goals to drive transformative change and advance racial equity in the areas of education, income and health in North Texas. Reading is a key lever to drive progress in education:

Challenge 50%

of North Texas third grade students do not read proficiently.

Goal 50%

Increase by 50% the number of students reading on grade level by third grade.

Racial Equity 2X

Double the achievement rate for Black and Latinx students to close the racial gap