At 19, Logan had spent almost his entire life as a foster child, never knowing the love of a family. In the United Way service area, thousands of children find themselves in a similar fate. After aging out of the foster care system, Logan found himself living in his car in Plano, completely alone.

He only had one person to reach out to, Virginia – his court appointed special advocate (CASA) volunteer who had stood by his side for 11 years.

Virginia took a bold step, and contacted the adoptive parents of Logan’s younger sister. Virginia was dogged in her attempts to reunite Logan with his sister. When Logan had no voice to state his case, she lent hers. Thanks to her efforts, one more North Texas family is now whole, having embraced Logan as a much beloved member of the family.

Logan once said that even if he had to live in a box to have a family, he’d do it. Now, he has a home, a family and a future. Thanks to United Way and its partner, CASA of Collin County, we are changing lives in North Texas.