We love hearing from our proactive Healthy School Zone participants! Below is a note from Emily.

“Yours is the first generation of kids who could die at an earlier age than your parents.”

When I heard this fact last year, the words hit me like a hammer. My teacher at Central Elementary was explaining why our school had applied to become a Healthy Zone School.

At first, what she said about dying scared me. Then, I wanted to do something about it.

My friends and I decided to help. The first thing we did was turn one of the school’s portable buildings into a workout room. We did a fundraiser and spent the money on fun exercise games and a Wii Fit. To use it, we have to get permission from our teachers, so now we work extra hard in class.

We also eat better. A food pantry helps us pass out healthy treats in the hall on Fridays. We don’t have as much soda pop and candy bars, and enjoy more fruit, granola bars and milk. We also made posters that show why it’s good to eat more vegetables. This year, we went from being a Healthy Zone School In-Training to a Healthy Zone School.

We made being healthy fun and the same thing can happen at your school if it applies.

11 years old
5th grader, Central Elementary School, Seagoville