Florence (Flo) Williams is a Sr. Transition Manager at EY, chair of the Leadership Society Council, and member of the Builders Society.

Why is it important for you to give back to your community?
This is my community – this is where I grew up, married, raised my children, and I want the best for parents, families, and students in the Dallas metroplex.

What is your dream for Dallas?
My dreams for Dallas are quite grand. I want it to be the NORM for students to graduate from high school, academically and mentally prepared to move to the next level of career development – be it through collegiate, vocational, or technical training. I want families with preschool-aged children to have access to creative, safe preschool programs that will lay the foundation for their educational careers. I want those that need financial assistance to have reasonable alternatives that will provide financial education and support to move up and out of the vicious cycle of low economic status/poverty. I want an improved partnership with our local legislators to move forward with common platforms. I want the Mayor’s programs for economic growth in lower economic areas of Dallas to continue as they directly support the United Way’s education, income, and advocacy initiatives.

What is your most memorable volunteer or impact moment with United Way?
My most memorable volunteer projects are the reading projects. Someone told me many years ago that if you can read, you can do anything – I believe that. Sorting books by grade and placing a book on each student’s desk was such a rewarding project. I know the students were so excited that next Monday morning to find an age appropriate book on their desks, a book that they can keep and take home. Reading to students during special reading days like Dr. Seuss’ birthday is always exciting and reinforces that cultivating a love of books and reading can help position young students to grow and be successful.