United Way Dallas Hosts First Healthy Zone Virtual Challenge | United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

United Way Dallas Hosts First Healthy Zone Virtual Challenge

Visitors Will Learn and Practice Healthy Nutrition, Physical and Mental Habits

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DALLAS – United Way of Metropolitan Dallas will kick off its United Way Healthy Zone Virtual Challenge, presented by Mr. Cooper and supported by Vistra Energy, on Oct. 19, a five-day online event to engage North Texans with interactive games that push them to learn and practice healthy eating, physical and mental habits. Through interactive games and virtual tours, the Healthy Zone Virtual Challenge teaches the importance of a health-conscious culture that improves academic performance and encourages habits for lifelong well-being.

“Education is the first step toward a productive life, and good health is critical for children and others to attend school or participate in remote learning,” said Jennifer Sampson, McDermott-Templeton President and CEO, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. “The Healthy Zone Virtual Challenge is a fun and engaging way to motivate children and adults to adopt the healthy habits that build the foundation for a successful future.”

When the program launches, participants will be invited to watch virtual tours of Healthy Zone schools, which focus on improving academic performance through increased physical activity and encouraging healthful eating habits for lifelong wellbeing.

Then, from Oct. 19-23, participants can sign up for a week of engagement opportunities to help spread awareness for the program virtually. Parents and children will find a word search game to challenge their minds, matching games to identify food groups, and exercises to emphasize the importance of nutritional and physical health. In addition, participants will receive daily emails with health challenges from students at Healthy Zone schools.

“A lifetime of good health begins with a few small steps, and the Healthy Zone Virtual Challenge is a great introduction for people of all ages,” said Kurt Johnson, Chief Credit Officer of Mr. Cooper. “We’re proud to partner with United Way to make learning healthy habits a fun and educational activity.”

Additional details about the Healthy Zone Virtual Challenge can be found on the program website https://unitedwaydallas.org/healthy-zone-field-day/ and information about the Healthy Zone School Program, created in cooperation with The Cooper Institute®, can be found here.

United Way’s Sampson added, “The Healthy Zone Virtual Challenge is one more way that we’re strengthening education, income and health for North Texans, the building blocks of opportunity.”

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This article was published on: Oct 22, 2020