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United Way Announces Tenth Round of Grants to 3 Local Nonprofits

Today, United Way awarded grants to three local organizations (Faith in Texas, Paul Quinn College and Project Unity) totaling $50,000. Through our Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund, we continue to identify and support organizations and initiatives addressing challenges in education, income and health across our North Texas community.

The pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated racial disparities here and across our nation. This underscores the critical importance of our work. It is our hope that this heightened awareness will bring a sense of urgency to ending the inequities that continue to blight our community.

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas is committed to ensuring funding is done through a racial equity lens—that we bring inclusion and diversity into the grant-making and community support process. While we have a long history of investing in communities where the biggest economic disparities exist, this week—and moving forward—we are intentionally focused on addressing disproportionality in long-term education, income and health outcomes for African American and Latinx children, youth and adults.

The organizations receiving grants this week are addressing racial disparities, food access, COVID-19 testing and online education for marginalized and under-resourced neighborhoods as well as the health and safety of all people incarcerated in the Dallas County jail and immigration detention centers.

Through the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund, together, we will impact the lives of over 1.4 million North Texans. Since mid-March, we have invested $3.7 million in 289 local nonprofit organizations providing critical resources for our community.

To streamline the grant applications process and increase access for small, grassroots organizations, United Way developed a single application and led the creation of North Texas Cares. Collectively, the more than 30 funders that make up North Texas Cares have invested $32.5 million in support of immediate relief and longer-term recovery initiatives in North Texas.

Introspection, learning and investing in effective efforts are essential to achieve racial equity and justice. Our team will continue to work with community advocates, leaders and partner organizations to provide new funding recommendations and adapt to the evolving needs of North Texans.

Persistent and underlying racism, prejudice and privilege prevent too many people from having the opportunity and access to develop their full potential. United Way is committed to strengthening education, income and health to build a better future for all North Texans—and specifically for our African American and Latinx neighbors who are disproportionately impacted. We hope you will join us in lifting up our community through a contribution to support this critical work.

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United Way of Metropolitan Dallas is a community-based social change organization that puts opportunity in the hands of all North Texans. Working with our determined supporters, we lead the charge to improve education, income and health—the building blocks of opportunity. We invite all change-seekers in our community to Live United to achieve lasting results right here at home.

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United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Communities Foundation of Texas, and The Dallas Foundation, joined by more than two dozen philanthropic funding organizations, launched North Texas Cares, which enables local nonprofits to ask for emergency financial help from all participating organizations through a streamlined online grant application.

The magnitude of this pandemic calls for innovation and proactive, strategic collaboration—at a rapid pace. North Texas Cares is the social impact community’s collective response to addressing both immediate and long-term needs of our most vulnerable populations.

Together we are enabling efficient and timely access to philanthropic dollars, ensuring those resources reach the individuals and families most in need, without placing an undue burden on the nonprofit organizations providing them.

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This article was published on: Jun 5, 2020