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What You Need to Know About the Texas Legislature’s Special Session

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Updated August 10, 2021

The Texas Legislature has been called back for a second special session, which officially began on Saturday, Aug. 7, after a very contentious first special session. The rules on special sessions limit each one to a maximum of 30 days long, and lawmakers are only allowed to pass legislation on topics listed in Gov. Abbott’s special session proclamation.

For the second special session, Governor Abbott has asked the legislature to address issues from the first special session and has added a handful of new issues, including appropriation of federal funding, modification of the 2022 primary election timeline and preemption of certain local workforce ordinances.

Our Priorities for the Session

At United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, one of the ways we lead the charge to improve education, income and health—the building blocks of opportunity—is by advocating for legislation and policies that will strengthen our community and benefit the lives of North Texans.

Throughout this special session (and potentially others), we engage on bills that support our Aspire United 2030 goals of ensuring more North Texas students graduate high school prepared for success, more adults find and keep jobs that provide financial stability, and more of our neighbors gain access to quality health care.

Generally, bills move quickly during a special session, so we encourage you to sign up and watch for our Advocacy Alerts, which includes information on how certain issues impact our Aspire United 2030 goals and when to contact your elected officials. 

As usual, we will keep a close eye on what’s happening at the Texas Capitol but will pay close attention to these special session items:

  • Public education during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Changes to the foster care system
  • Bail reform
  • Article X funding and federal funding appropriations
  • Family violence prevention
  • Critical race theory
  • Election access and changes to the 2022 primary election timeline

For those who have advocated with us before, thank you for your continued support and engagement on these important issues. During this special session and throughout the year, it’s important that our lawmakers hear from their constituents about legislation that has a direct impact on the North Texas community.

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Join Us in Advocating for Lasting Change

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New to advocacy? This is a great way for us to work together to put opportunity in the hands of all North Texans. Join us in speaking up and speaking out about important issues in our state.
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This article was published on: Jul 12, 2021