Susan Hoff Giving Tuesday Now Interview on KRLD | United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Susan Hoff Giving Tuesday Now Interview on KRLD

Together with the Dallas Cowboys and Communities Foundation of Texas, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas is bringing the global Giving Tuesday movement to DFW, with North Texas Giving Tuesday Now. We will lead the community in raising funds for the first responders and nonprofits who are on the front lines protecting, feeding, educating, and nurturing those who are most adversely affected by the impact of coronavirus.

This day is about inspiring local unity and generosity at a time when our community needs support more than ever. Susan Hoff, Chief Impact and Strategy Officer at United Way of Metropolitan Dallas joined Mitch Carr on KLRD NewsRadio to share more about the day.

Interview via KRLD NewsRadio 1080


Susan Hoff: North Texas Giving Tuesday Now came about as a partnership between Communities Foundation and United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and we teamed up with the Dallas Cowboys with the common mission to get more resources to nonprofits across our community that are on the front lines meeting these critical needs of everyone that’s been impacted by the COVID pandemic.

Mitch Carr: There are more than 3000 nonprofits on this page. How do I use the website?

Susan Hoff: On the website there are many different ways to give. Certainly, donors can give to a specific nonprofit organization or a cause, but there are also some key funds that are providing resources to multiple organizations. Those include the United Way [Coronavirus] Response & Recovery Fund, the Communities Foundation Fund and the Dallas Cowboys’ focus on the Salvation Army.

There are many ways that you can give financial contributions, but also the opportunity to pledge volunteer hours, because as we know in the coming days, weeks, months, nonprofit organizations are going to count on volunteers more than ever. So, we’ve encouraged folks to give time, give your resources, whatever you can. This is a time when we can all contribute and it makes a difference for every one of us.

Mitch Carr: We know that businesses and employees of those businesses are hurting during this pandemic. What are you hearing from the nonprofits in North Texas?

Susan Hoff: During this pandemic, just as it has impacted just about every sector and every person in our community, nonprofits have been particularly hard hit. Many of them had spring fundraisers that they had to postpone or cancel. So, that was a hit. But additionally, almost every nonprofit has seen a huge increase in the need of the people that they are supporting. So, there are more people than ever who need assistance with food or other types of support that [nonprofits] just weren’t ready for such an onslaught. And every nonprofit that we’ve talked to is working harder than they ever have before meeting so many community needs. But they’re doing this with limited resources and we know that’s not sustainable.

In order to make sure that our nonprofit sector is strong—remains strong—and is there for the long haul, it’s critically important that we contribute and we make a difference for them now so that we can not only meet these immediate needs, but we can continue to meet the needs that are going to be coming in the weeks and months ahead.

This article was published on: May 6, 2020