Kenuya’s “Pathways To Work” Story

Still a child herself, Kenuya was a new mom at the age of 14. By 15, she started working full-time to support her newborn child. Though she was able to graduate from high school, she was never able secure more than a minimum wage job and had trouble making ends meet.

While visiting a food pantry, Kenuya saw a flyer advertising entry level healthcare training, funded by United Way’s “Pathways To Work” Program. Kenuya signed up for the program and received free training in the area of Patient Care Technology. Upon completion of the program, she received her CNA certification and obtained a higher paying job in the medical field.

“I am not working a minimum wage job anymore. I’ve got a better job and better able to provide for my kids. I am pretty much happy!” said Kenuya, when describing her life now.

The Pathways to Work initiative, led by United Way, brings funders, employers, and training providers together to equip individuals with post-secondary skills training and credentials that lead to in-demand jobs. The approach is making a measurable difference in the lives of North Texans. Kenuya is one of nearly 600 North Texans who have participated in the Pathways to Work initiative as of June 2018, resulting in nearly 500 certifications/degrees earned and more than 300 job placements.

Programs like Pathways to Work demonstrate United Way’s commitment to treating 360 degrees of need in our community and ensuring all North Texans have the opportunity to thrive.