Most Generous Next Generation - Recap | United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Most Generous Next Generation

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The Mighty Women of Tocqueville gathered last month for this inspiring annual event, where dedicated change-seekers from every stage of their careers gather to explore the role of community engagement in their lives. This year, our panelists discussed the goals and impact of the United Way Southern Dallas Thrives initiative, how young North Texans can begin their journey of service, what sparked their passion for giving back to the community and more.

Throughout their careers, these inspiring women have helped lead our community toward a future where all North Texans have the opportunity to thrive. They are proof that every individual can be part of the change, no matter where they are in life.

“[With Southern Dallas Thrives], the problem to solve was, ‘How do you pick the biggest need, but keep it focused so that the impact can be felt?’ And we couldn’t do it alone—we knew we needed partners. Because that’s how we know the impact will be real.”

Joan Cetera, VP of communications at PepsiCo Foods

“When it comes to giving back, there’s nothing too small. And what you can contribute changes over your life. I always tell people, whatever you can do at this time is what you’re supposed to be doing, and that will change over time.”

“Women mobilizing for women can do amazing things.”

Martina McIsaac, CEO and regional head for Hilti North America

This article was published on: Apr 12, 2022