Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings Reveals 2018 GrowSouth Report

In 2012, Mayor Rawlings identified the vast Southern Sector of Dallas as a land of economic opportunity and development, long ignored by neighbors north of the Trinity. The GrowSouth plan aimed to strengthen neighborhoods, create a culture of clean, strengthen schools, debunk long-standing Southern Dallas myths and increase private investments.

On May 24th, Mayor Rawlings presented his annual progress report at Trinity Forest Golf Club, a remarkable new addition to Southern Dallas. The report highlights include an increase in housing as well as an increase in homeowners, the expansion of University of North Texas at Dallas, and over $8 million invested in projects to increase economic opportunity and community development.  In the annual report, five corridors of southern Dallas were graded based on their progress.  Overall, Mayor Rawlings gave the GrowSouth initiative’s progress a B+.

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas also believes in the promise and possibilities within Southern Dallas. Partnering with Celanese Corporation, Grow South, Grow Strong was created to address school-based – and now broader community needs – within the Roosevelt Feeder Pattern. Located directly south of Downtown Dallas, this community has long been passed over when opportunities do make their way south. UWMD and Celanese are investing over $1.2 million over four years to bring students and family resources directly to their local Dallas ISD campuses to improve literacy outcomes, increase parent engagement within the school system, promote character and youth development and provide classroom support and mentoring.

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas also strengthens and supports existing community-based organizations already serving the Southern Dallas community. Through a partnership with State Fair of Texas and UNT Dallas, 20 nonprofit organizations were provided infrastructure training, leadership coaching, and resource investments so that they can serve the community more effectively and efficiently. To learn more about our work click here.