Frito-Lay Commits Over $50,000 to Fund Coronavirus Relief Efforts in Southern Dallas | United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Frito-Lay Commits Over $50,000 to Fund Coronavirus Relief Efforts in Southern Dallas

As part of its global effort to provide relief to those affected by the coronavirus pandemic, Frito-Lay North America has donated $58,000 to the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund for grants targeting the profound effects of this crisis on residents in the southern Dallas community. Headquartered in North Texas, the subsidiary of PepsiCo Foods has a long history of supporting United Way, particularly through a founding collaborative partnership of the Southern Dallas Thrives initiative.

“We know first-hand how sincerely dedicated Frito-Lay and PepsiCo are to improving the lives of North Texans,” said Jennifer Sampson, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas McDermott-Templeton President and CEO. “And during this devastating time, they’ve proven it yet again. We’re so grateful for their generosity and leadership as we seek to respond to community needs.”

In addition to its United Way support, PepsiCo is focusing on providing nutritious meals to families affected by coronavirus, and primarily on increasing access to nutrition for out of school children who typically receive low-cost or free meals through federally funded lunch programs.

“I firmly believe we all have a responsibility to serve our community,” said Steven Williams, CEO of PepsiCo Foods North America. “During this time of crisis, it’s critical that the private and public sectors join together to provide assistance and aid to the most vulnerable.”

The Southern Dallas Thrives coronavirus relief grants will support:

Education: Distance learning resources, nutrition and parenting classes

Income: Rent and utility assistance, eviction prevention, baby and toddler supplies, childcare for essential workers, temporary housing, shower and clothing facilities

Health: Mobile drive through health clinic, community testing sites, nutritious meal provision

About the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund
The United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund will address immediate needs of all North Texans—as well as longer-term challenges that will affect education, income and health outcomes across our community.

The fund will support current community impact concerns including:

  • Shortage of supplies to meet basic health and safety needs (paper goods, hand sanitizer, cleaning products and potentially food)
  • Extended closures of school, childcare, and after school programs, impacting children’s access to breakfast and lunch programs and parents’ ability to work
  • Immediate economic impact for many workers, particularly in the service, retail and travel industries

In the coming weeks, our organization will continue to work with community leaders, including the Dallas County Health Department, school districts and our service partners to identify resource and service gaps and plan for long-term recovery.

About Southern Dallas Thrives
Created in partnership with PepsiCo Frito-Lay North America, PepsiCo’s Food for Good and United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Southern Dallas Thrives addresses issues in education, income and health to drive lasting change in southern Dallas.

The Southern Dallas Thrives program aims to:

  • Improve the quality of preschool education to advance success outcomes for students Pre-K-12
  • Provide families with nutritious meals to reduce food insecurity
  • Prepare high school students for college or a career
  • Give unemployed parents access to the childcare they need to enter, participate and advance in the workforce

This article was published on: May 19, 2020