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The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have hit every corner of the community, including the nonprofits that many individuals in underserved communities rely on for support. A recent study revealed that almost one-fourth of Texas nonprofits reported a decline in individual donations due to the pandemic, with some organizations struggling more than others.

In Dallas, the City launched the Dallas Nonprofit Assistance Program as part of CARES Act funding to provide a lifeline to local nonprofits operating in the city. The City of Dallas called on United Way of Metropolitan Dallas to administer the program, earmarking $900,000 in funding to provide financial support in the form of a grant for operating expenses and loss of income resulting from COVID-19 or for needs caused by the pandemic.

“During a time of incredible need, I’m pleased that we were able to get dollars directly to the nonprofits on the front lines who are doing difficult work in our local communities,” said Jennifer Sampson, McDermott-Templeton President and CEO of United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. “At the same time, we know that while this funding helps address immediate and urgent needs, there will be much more work to do to address longer-term needs in the weeks and months to come.”

For the City of Dallas Nonprofit Assistance Program, United Way awarded grants to 37 nonprofits, including organizations involved in health, education and income, as well as arts, human rights, seniors support, and others involved in community outreach and services.

“When our community is experiencing difficult times, community-based organizations and nonprofits often see an increase in need for their services and increased challenges in generating revenue, and this pandemic brought additional challenges to service delivery,” said Jessica Galleshaw, Director, Office of Community Care for the City of Dallas. “The Nonprofit Assistance Program has helped to provide funding to 37 human services nonprofits in the City to ensure they are able to continue serving our residents in their time of need.”

Karla Loya Stack, Catch Up & Read’s Executive Director, added, “COVID has impacted not only the way we implemented our program in schools, but it also hindered our fundraising efforts. The funding community has stepped up to support many of the organizations on the front line, but it has definitely been more challenging for organizations like ours to reach as many donors virtually as we would have in-person. We are so grateful to the City of Dallas and United Way of Metropolitan Dallas for helping nonprofits like Catch Up & Read fill that gap. This has allowed Catch Up & Read to continue to serve and impact children and teachers most affected by this pandemic.”

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This article was published on: Feb 19, 2021