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Better Together Fund Celebrates One Year of Collaboration

Collaboration is the heart of the matter

Our name says it all: The Better Together Fund (BTF). We exist to help nonprofits maximize their impact by supporting and encouraging formal collaborations.

The initiative is a pilot, and we’ve received a lot of questions about what BTF has funded and what we’re learning. Which is why we’re committed to sharing it with you here.

Since our launch in June 2017, BTF has awarded 42 grants worth over $1,500,000 to 32 unique collaborations, representing 141 organizations. One has completed implementation, five are implementing their collaborations, 23 are in the planning and development stage, and three have chosen not to move forward.

The Project Profiles in this report are case studies in action – offering a rare glimpse into learnings, challenges, and peer- to-peer advice.

With everything we’ve learned, one thing has become abundantly clear: our nonprofit community is ready, and willing, to explore formal collaboration as a means to strengthening the sector.

This Year in Review will not only enhance our future efforts, but also serve as a resource for others seeking to support or explore deeper collaborations in the nonprofit sector.

Please join us on our journey of helping our community become better, together.

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This article was published on: Oct 15, 2018