Unite Forever Campaign | United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

For nearly 100 years, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas has led a movement to improve access to education, income and health for every North Texan. Of course, new challenges emerge every year, and our organization must be able to address the unexpected and serve our community for generations to come.

To meet these future needs, in 2014 we launched Unite Forever, our first endowment campaign, with a goal of raising $100 million in 10 years. The mission was to establish a base of permanent funding for United Way that will provide a predictable, sustainable and stable future.

We are proud to announce that we have closed
the $100 million Unite Forever campaign three years earlier than planned.

This is an incredible achievement made possible by our loyal supporters who believe in our mission and wanted to ensure the ability to deliver on that commitment for years to come. As we celebrate this historic moment in our history, we want to offer a heartfelt thanks to everyone who is part of the Live United movement: our donors, advocates and volunteers who are leading change in our community. Together, we will create opportunity for all North Texans to thrive—for generations to come.

Unite Forever Leadership

Ed Galante
Mary Templeton

Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs
Ruth Sharp Altshuler†
Mary Anne Sammons Cree†
Lyda Hill
Sally and Forrest Hoglund
Caroline Rose Hunt†
Margaret McDermott†
Liz Minyard
Margot and Ross† Perot
Roger Staubach

Campaign Vice Chairs
Jim Adams
Hal Brierley
Jim Burke
Kelly Compton
Jason Downing
Kristy Faus
Lynn Fisher
Curt FitzGerald
Carol March

Campaign Vice Chairs
Clint McDonnough
Ron Parker
Stan Rabin
Dave Rader
Carolyn Perot Rathjen
Julia Sands
Terri West
Steven Williams

Unite Forever Donors

$10,000,000 AND ABOVE

Mary Anne Sammons Cree†
The Family of Mary Anne Cree

$7,500,000 AND ABOVE

Richard and Mary Templeton Foundation
Mary and Rich Templeton Family
Stephanie and Matt Boggs
Allie and Jim Templeton
Katie and John Templeton

$5,000,000 AND ABOVE

Anonymous (1)
Diane and Hal Brierley
Caroline Rose Hunt† / The Rosewood Foundation
The Family of Caroline Rose Hunt
The Grandchildren of Caroline Rose Hunt
Bailey Harrison
Caroline Harrison
Hassie Harrison
Laurie Sands Harrison
Haven and Travis Heinrichs
Lydia and Nick McCutchen
Helen and Bowmer Sands
Lacy and Clayton Sands
Lindy and Jacob Sands
Julia Sands Cunningham
Lauren Rose Sands
Sandi and Lowell Sands
Kristy and Patrick Sands
Peyton Sands
Ryan Faulconer Sands
Gemma and Stark Sands
Marcy and Steve Sands
Leigh and Storm Sands
Laura and Wilson Sands
Joan† and Marvin Lane

$1,000,000 AND ABOVE

Anonymous Donors (5)
Sara and Gary Ahr
Troy Aikman
Beth and Greg Delagi
Laura and Jason Downing
Karen and Tom Falk
Kristy and Raymond Faus
Cathie and Ed Galante and the Galante Family
Cecily and Scott Gooch Lyda Hill
Sally and Forrest Hoglund
Estate of Keith Perry Holder
Debra and Steve Leven
William Leven
Carol and Kevin March
The Eugene McDermott Foundation
Margaret McDermott †
Mary McDermott Cook
Grace Cook
Carolyn and David Miller
Brandy and Bill Morrison
Sammye and Mike Myers
Margot and Ross† Perot
Barbara† and Stan Rabin
Rachel and Mark Rohr
Jennifer and Ed Sampson
Dr. Bob and Jean Smith Foundation
Marty and Myles Kelley
Sally Smith Mashburn
Scott R. Smith
Suzy Welfelt
Robert West
Bill Womble
Deb SoRelle and Brian Lindley
Michele and John Stephens
Bunny† and CJ† Thomsen
Terri and Mike West
Meili West
Raelynn Mendez

$500,000 – $999,000

Anonymous Donor
Mandy and Jonathan Bradley
The Robert Dedman Family Foundation
Susie and Curt FitzGerald
Erin and Ken George
Hoblitzelle Foundation
Karen and Michael Hames
Michelle and Matt Horton
Nancy and Steve LaVerde
Pedro Lerma
Deb and Clint McDonnough
Arlene and Louis Navias
Debbie and Dave Rader
Katie and Jerome Rose
Karen Tavana
Texas Instruments Foundation
Debra and Ken von Storch

$250,000 – $499,000

Anonymous Donor
Tanya Allen
Ruth Sharp † and Kenneth Z.† Altshuler
Mandy and Kyle Austin
Ellen and Alan Barker
Diane Knape and David Biegler
Lisa J. Bottle
Millie and Allan Bradley
Robin Bray and David Kis
Rick Bridwell
Dee M. Brown
Kelly H. Compton
Erin Nealy Cox and Trey Cox
Rachael† and Pat Faubion
Denise and Barry Fromberg
Deborah and Robb Gibbins
Carol and Don Glendenning
Jessica and Bart Hamlin
Niki and Scott Hudson
Ashlee and Chris Kleinert
Scarlet Landry
Robbi Luxbacher and Steve Alaniz
Cyndy Malone and Ron Benke
Cassandra and Bill McKinney
Gail McDonald and Jeffrey Murphy
Valerie and Lewis McMahan
Natalia and Jason Mundo
Neena Newberry
Pamela Osborne
Caren Prothro
Carolyn and Karl Rathjen
The Riddell Family
Robin and Peter Sefzik
Charles Stanton Sharp, Jr.
Jan V. Sharry
George A.† and Nancy P. Shutt Foundation
Michelle and Major Thomas
Sunny Vanderbeck
Margaret and Chad Windham
Rachel Ybarra
Linda Yohe and Byron Luke

$50,000 – $249,999

Anonymous Donor
Kathy and Jim Adams
Robert and Anabel Bruce Charitable Foundation
Carole and Rich Fedock
Hamon Charitable Foundation
Susan and Ralph Hawkins
Regen Horchow
Roger Horchow†
Sally Horchow
Colleen O’Connor and Joe Hubac
Ronit and Haviv Ilan
Caren and Pete Kline
Jan and Bob† Madigan
June and Peter McGuire
Alice and Erle Nye
Paula and Ron Parker
Max Post
Reilly Family Foundation
Stephanie and Phil Ritter
Deedie Rose
Lizzie and Dan Routman
Diana and Sam Self
Marianne and Roger Staubach
Phyllis and Ron Steinhart
Debbie and Marshall Taylor
Dee Collins Torbert†
Darla and Mark Whitaker

Up to $49,999

Anonymous Donor
Susie and Steve Anderson
Amye Baker
Bank of Texas
Steven Barany
Robert K. Baylor
Lee P. Berlin
Carmen and Manuel Berrelez
Alfred L. Booker
Carol and Karl Bovee
Andrew Bowen
Chris C. Boyd
Christine Bright
Alan Brown
Annette Brown
President and Mrs. George W. Bush
Eugenia Malpica and Antonio Carrillo
Brent Christopher
Richard Howell Collins
Deborah A. Cox
Betsy and Bennett Cullum
Karen and Dan Cullum
Linda and Bill Custard
Debra Lynn Dial
Betsy and Richard Eiseman
Claire and Dwight Emanuelson
The Eulich Family Foundation
Theresa and Steve Gee
Judy and Jim Gibbs
Margo and Bill Goodwin
Cheryl Goris
Louise and Guy Griffeth
Nancy and Jeremy Halbreich

Karen and Gary Hammer
Michael Hansler
David Harris
Jan and Fred Hegi
Mary and David Henderson
Kristen and Jim Hinton
Susan Hoff
Stephanie House and Susan Dunkel
Estate of Thomas Hunt†
Kathryn F. Hyland
Mary Jalonick
Gene and Jerry Jones
Charlene and Rod Lake
John Lambert
Shaneen Lang
Joan and Irvin† Levy
Christina and Jason Lindwall
Paul Wayne Ludden
Lottye Brodsky-Lyle and Bobby B. Lyle
Estate of Scott Lyons
Nancy Cain Marcus
Christine and David Martin
Sara and David Martineau
Cindy Matthews
Charles Eric McCallum
Heather McCulloh
Sharon and Mike McCullough
Janie and Cappy McGarr
Suzanne and Patrick McGee
Kathy and Charles Miller
Maribess and Jerry Miller
Laura and Scott Moore
Claudia and Chris Morrow
Anne and Alan Motsenbocker
*As of April 29, 2022 † denotes deceased

Gary Murtha
Cindy and Pat Ohlenforst
Carrie and Steven Parsons
Penn Davis McFarland
Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr.
Karen and Mike Peterson
Joan and Robert† Pollock
Katherine and Eric Reeves
Torrence and Yvette Robinson
Jennifer and Alvaro Saenz
E. Jean Savage
Kevin Seaweard
Peggy and Carl Sewell
Susanne Shalley
Kris Sheppard
Rachel and Jason Simon
Nicole and Justin Small
Gay and Bill Solomon
Kelly Ann Stafford
Jill Stephenson
Helen Storey
Cary Strohecker
Lui Tai
Brittney Tanner
Deborah B. Toney
Trinity Hunt Partners
Cynthia Trochu
Corinna Ulrich
Julie Van Haren and David Hensel
Herman and Bernice
Waldman Charitable Trust
Alinda and James Wikert
Jordan and Shan Zaidi
Barbara and Don Zale