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Trey Athletes

Trey Athletes empowers diverse young leaders and role models, gives a voice to under-represented communities, and improves the culture of college sports

Leadership: Rebecca Feickert & Brian Reynolds  |  Founded: 2017  |  Focus: Education


Trey’s leadership development program is designed for high-potential high school athletes — some of the most visible and diverse young people in the world. Trey teaches athletes how to make informed college decisions, transfer sport-based leadership skills into post-sport life, and leverage their immense influence to create positive community change.

Sports is the great unifier, and athletes today have more influence than ever before. By investing in a group of self-identified leaders who are individually vulnerable but collectively powerful, Trey is developing the talented young athletes of today to be tomorrow’s changemakers. When Trey Athletes realize their potential far beyond the field or court, we realize the true power of sports.


  • 97% of Trey Athletes showed an increase in social-emotional learning

  • 87% of Trey Athletes showed an increase in college and career exposure

  • 100% of Trey Athletes showed an increase in community and family engagement


    No significant leadership development program or college comparison tool exists for high-potential high school athletes. Structured leadership development typically begins in college, which is too late for those from underserved backgrounds who struggle in their college transition. Existing programs in high school are one-off, reducing their long-term efficacy, or high-priced and inaccessible to low-income athletes.

    Trey helps athletes build leadership skills, broaden their career and life goals, advocate for their best interests, and make informed decisions about their futures. Trey Athletes use their platform to be a voice for underrepresented communities, to serve as representative, near-peer role models to other kids, and to incentivize colleges to prioritize athlete education and development.




Trey is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit currently funded through philanthropic donations. However, Trey’s leadership operates with a business mindset and is committed to building a sustainable organization. They will subsidize operations and fuel Trey’s growth through a variety of earned revenue streams, including corporate sponsorships, licensure of the Trey Academy content and curriculum, and monetization of the Trey Report college comparison tool.