The Home Visit Project - The Pitch

The Home Visit Project

The Home Visit Project gets to the heart of family engagement by training teachers to build authentic relationships with families through home visits

Leadership: Stacey Vanhoy  |  Founded: 2015  |  Focus: Education


The Home Visit Project provides a playbook for school and district leaders to reimagine family engagement, using relationships between teachers and families as the foundation that all other practices are built upon. Our project trains teachers to confront the assumptions and biases that create barriers between school and home. The Home Visit Project educators engage families face to face by stepping outside the classroom and into the community, with the sole purpose of building authentic, trusting relationships with students and their families. These connections inspire and instill confidence, leading to better classroom engagement and academic outcomes.


  • Over 10,000 students and their families served

  • More than 3,000 educators in 5 North Texas school districts trained and supported

  • 80% of teachers report improved student attendance

  • 93% of teachers report improved engagement, behavior and academic achievement

  • 96% of teachers report improved communication between teachers and families, resulting in greater mutual respect and improved teacher job satisfaction


    The Home Visit Project applies an innovative approach to family engagement by sending teachers into communities and homes to build relationships with students and their families instead of assuming families have the time, ability, and confidence to engage with teachers at school. This establishes a connection with families that inspires and instills confidence in students, leading to better engagement in the classroom, improved attendance and academic outcomes.


2020 Budget


The Home Visit Project’s “Whole School-Neighborhood Model,” to be formally launched next school year, will be co-funded by schools, decreasing the project’s reliance on philanthropy.