EdCor Health - The Pitch

EdCor Health

A new model that focuses on primary, mental and behavioral healthcare and access in Southern Dallas

Leadership: Christie Myers  |  Founded: 2018  |  Focus: Health


EdCor Health offers a true collaboration of primary, mental and behavioral healthcare built for and with the community in one single facility.  Our vision is to help close the gap by building a brand new, state-of-the-art, integrated health clinic with different providers and staff working side by side to deliver high-quality healthcare and community services (including a fully developed barber shop) into the 75241 zip code.


  • Fewer mental health (crisis) calls to Dallas Police Department

  • Fewer mental health (crisis) visits to area emergency rooms from 75241

  • New hope, through access to primary and mental healthcare, to a community that has forever been without access


    Leading with a Barber Shop, EdCor Health seeks to build trust with a community to better provide access to primary and mental healthcare in one single setting. No one else is doing this, at this level of integration.


2020 Budget


EdCor’s sustainability is rooted in its financial model, which is designed to sustain itself through tenant agreements and collaboration.