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Carson’s Village

Carson’s Village helps families navigate the journey to healthy grieving after the loss of a loved one

Leadership: Jason Dyke  |  Founded: 2017  |  Focus: Health


Carson’s Village provides families with comprehensive bereavement services, including advice on how to choose a funeral home that meets their financial and emotional needs, information on how to plan a service, tools to raise money and resources to get them through the difficult process —all at no charge. We continue to work with those families to get them back to work and to their new normal, helping individuals and families avoid severe depression, unnecessary debt and a prolonged loss of productivity. The Carson’s Village employee benefit program is taking these critical services to the employer, providing resources so employees have the tools to manage their grief in the workplace.


  • Provided 292 families with comprehensive bereavement services and year-long support at no charge

  • 61% of families receiving cost-free services are low-income

  • Newly launched employee benefit program provides corporations with the tools to support their employees, ensuring they return to productivity and mental health as soon as possible


    Carson’s Village is a first-of-its-kind service in the United States, providing comprehensive bereavement services to individuals and corporations




Carson’s Village has designed an employee benefits package that generates revenue from corporations to fund the operations of the organization, including serving low income clients without the ability to pay. Coupled with grant revenue for underserved populations, Carson’s Village is in a healthy financial position.