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Dallas Rental Assistance Collaborative

Rent And/Or Utility Assistance

*** Currently United Way and the City of Dallas are not accepting any new applications for rent or utility assistance. ***

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the daily lives of all City of Dallas residents, especially those who have no financial safety net. Dallas residents are experiencing an unemployment rate as high as 15 percent. Families who have not had to ask for short-term, emergency assistance for rent, mortgage, utility, or food assistance are seeking support from nonprofit organizations that are trusted within their community. The Dallas Rental Assistance Collaborative (DRAC) is our collective solution.




Do I need to have a Photo ID to apply?
Yes. You must provide some type of formal photo ID. It does not have to be a Texas Driver’s License. Other types of IDs with your name and photo will be accepted, such as passport, any government issued ID, school ID, library card if it has your photo, etc.

What documents will I need to supply?

Copies of the following documentation will be requested, however if you do not have the first bullet you can still apply for assistance:

  • Proof of income, if any (unemployment benefits, check stubs, TANF, etc.) alternatively you can self-attest to your current income. Self-Attestation is a written and signed statement that permits the documentation of eligibility for the program when you are unable to provide the required supporting documentation and thus needing to self-attest. The following items can be documented via self-attestation:
    • Household Income
    • Financial Impact (e.g., unemployment, reduction in income, significantly increased expenses, or other financial hardship)
    • Housing Impact (e.g., risk of housing instability or homelessness)
  • Proof of occupancy for all household members
  • A copy of your current lease and a late or eviction notice(s) or proof of circumstance

Are non-citizens who do not have all the eligibility documentation listed above able to apply for the COVID-19 emergency rental or mortgage assistance programs?

Yes, undocumented individuals who may not possess a US/Texas ID are still eligible to apply through any of the partners applications.

Do I get the money directly?

No, the money is paid directly to the landlord for rental assistance or to the utility provider. Your landlord/utility provider must be willing to accept payment from any of the nonprofit partners on your behalf. However, if your landlord refuses the payment, we can provide you the funds instead.

Will I have to pay the money back in the future?

No. The assistance is in the form of a grant, not a loan.

Where do I apply?

All nonprofit partners have links to their requirements and pre-screen applications in the section above.

I am a landlord or utility provider, how do I get paid?

You will be contacted by staff at the email or phone number the client provided with next steps once your tenant or utility client is approved for this grant. Payment will be processed within 2-3 weeks.

A New Collective Solution

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas’ Housing and Homelessness Initiative provides a continuum of services to not only increase and maintain affordable housing options but also prevent evictions, build financial stability and break the cycle of homelessness.

Populations who have historically experienced difficulty in accessing mainstream resources or who have heavily relied on family or friends for support, such as Spanish-speaking, immigrant, and refugee families are at an increased risk of losing their homes during this time. To streamline assistance to families across the city, United Way created this innovative solution, the Dallas Rental Assistance Collaborative. Together, these partner organizations are providing rental and utilities assistance to ensure stability in housing and prevent homelessness due to loss of income resulting from COVID-19.

Dallas Rental Assistance Collaborative

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