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Complete the Guiding Coalition Member Application below

Welcome to the Guiding Coalition Member Application! We are thrilled you are stepping forward to make a difference here at United Way. Please reach out to an Urgency Team member if you have any questions about the application or the process. We are here to make this as simple and easy as possible.

Deadline: Please submit an application by 3:00 pm on September 9, 2019 to be considered.

What is the Guiding Coalition
The Guiding Coalition is a volunteer group of United Way employees that is committed to leading and supporting a collaborative change effort at United Way. The Guiding Coalition will build United Way’s “right‐side” structure to accelerate the transformation around The Big Opportunity (TBO). The guiding coalition will create a vision and select initiatives that will help bring our TBO to life. We will then recruit an army of internal volunteers to help execute the that vision.

Member Attributes: The Guiding Coalition will be made up of a diverse group of 8‐12 volunteer leaders who represent various roles, levels, and tenure at United Way and demonstrate the following behaviors:

Understand the hearts and minds of people we serve
Never allow fear to block life’s possibilities
Inspire individuals to action
Transform “why we can’t” to “how we can”
Empower the community to invoke change
Develop lasting personal and emotional connections
Affect change through actions big and small
Leverage technology to accelerate progress
Lead from where they sit
Align the extraordinary energy of individuals to achieve our mission
Step forward to create a positive and long‐lasting change

Guiding Coalition Responsibilities: Guiding Coalition members will be expected to do the following:

  • Serve a one year term where you will be responsible for attending in‐person quarterly meetings, bi‐weekly Guiding Coalition calls and weekly/as‐scheduled initiative and sub‐initiative team calls in addition to fulfilling work necessary to move the project forward in between meetings.
  • Manage your time and responsibilities to confirm that you complete both Guiding Coalition activities and work and the tasks of your day-to-day job.
  • Create solutions to obstacles and challenges and take action to remove barriers
  • Work with a diverse group of dynamic leaders who want to help make transformational change a reality at United Way
  • Lead or co‐lead an idea team (or teams) to accelerate change in a specific area
  • Help recruit people not on the Guiding Coalition to serve on idea teams
  • Not expect to receive any additional salary or remuneration, and discuss with your manager how to reflect your work with the Guiding Coalition
  • This is an opportunity that allows employees who want to gain leadership experience to work closely with the senior leadership team.

Timeline: Completed applications will be reviewed on Sept 9-13, with the announcement of the Guiding Coalition on Monday, September 16.

Here’s our TBO statement for your reference.

The extraordinary generosity of the North Texas community alone is not sufficient to solve persistent social challenges and growing inequities. Now is the time to create an inclusive movement that drives lasting change in the areas of education, income, and health. United Way has the opportunity to leverage our relationships, reach, and track record to lead this movement. We will build a high-performing, accountable culture. Our team will be trusted, equipped, and empowered — and disciplined enough to eliminate activities that don’t advance our mission. Together, we will foster an environment where our employees are inspired and driven to put opportunity into the hands of all North Texans.

Guiding Coalition Application