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Better health leads to better lives. When we are healthy, the world opens up to us - we are able to enjoy our lives, provide for our families, realize our dreams, and contribute to our communities.

The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” We couldn’t agree more. That’s why UWMD equips North Texans with the resources to lead healthy, responsible lives.

Students have a healthy lunch and enjoy fit and fun activities at CitySquare

The Challenge

Good health influences everything from how well a child is able to learn in the classroom to how much an adult is able to earn in the workplace. Its effects truly last a lifetime. Everyone deserves access to healthy food options, quality health care, and a safe and secure place to call home. Our goal is to ensure that all North Texans have the opportunity to live healthy, productive lives.

Across our local communities


of children ages 10-17 are obese or at risk of being obese


of Texas women have experienced family violence in their lifetime. 70% of children of abused women have also been abused.


North Texas children live in homes where they may not know if and when their next meal may be


9 out of 10 emergency visits for children under 18 were preventable or avoidable

To improve health in our communities, we currently fund 55 programs focused on the strategies that local health and wellness experts say are the keys to North Texans living healthy, responsible lives.

Expanding access to care

North Texans can take control of primary and chronic conditions and prevent costly trips to the emergency room or hospital.

Increasing preventative care

Prenatal care and regular doctor visits enable kids to avoid many potential health problems.

Promoting healthy behaviors

Fighting obesity in children and adults, preventing and treating drug and alcohol abuse, and reducing abuse of children, spouses, and seniors.

The health challenges in our community are real, and UWMD is on the front line helping to make a difference. Since 2011, we have invested $16.7 million in expanding options for health care through coordinated community efforts.

Our funded programs increased health care access for 332,000 individuals

Helped over 11,000 children through prenatal care and well-child visits. 94% of infants and toddlers participating in the YW Nurse-Family Partnership are current on immunizations

Helped almost 13,000 people reach sobriety

United Way’s Healthy Zone School Recognition Program®, in partnership with The Cooper Institute®, has reached 18,105 students across 32 schools and 11 districts

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Helped over 26,000 people get on the path to a healthier weight

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