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Education is the first step across the opportunity divide.
Ready, set, learn!

College and career readiness should never be dictated by zip code. All kids deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential and become the next leaders in our community.

Giving kids the skills to succeed in school sets them up for lifelong success and lays a foundation that will span generations to come. Education is change that lasts!

Trinity river mission students receive stuffed backpacks for back-to-school thanks to TI and atmos

The Challenge

When kids fall behind in school, they become frustrated and check out before they drop out. We intend to change that. Our community goal is to prepare at least 60% of all students to graduate and succeed by giving them access to the best educational programs North Texas has to offer.

Right now in North Texas

90% of learning happens before students are six years old. Barriers to kids attending early childhood education centers or preschools are affordability, availability, transportation, and access.

60% of children don’t attend preschool.

Less than ⅓ of high school students show proficiency
in math or science.

Fewer than 1 in 5 kids who read below grade level
in 3rd grade go on to college.

Only 32% of high school students who took the
ACT or SAT scored at a college-ready level.

To boost student achievement, we currently fund 54 educational programs focused on the strategies that local education experts say are the keys to long-term student success (in which we wholeheartedly agree).


Preparing kids for kindergarten by advocating for policies that strengthen early childhood education across the state.


Providing out-of-school support from mentors in afterschool and summer programs, as well as recruiting hundreds of volunteers to read to, tutor, and mentor North Texas students.


Enhancing academic achievement through English language learning, STEM initiatives, and college and career preparation.

Since 2011, we have invested $18 million in educational programs that lay the groundwork for the students of North Texas to excel.

11,000 kids in United Way-funded programs were provided access to quality early childhood education.

156,000 students were put on the path to being successful in math and science.

89% of students showed growth of 20% or more between pre and post-tests in the Reasoning Mind, a math education program.

Successfully matched over 21,000 students with a mentor or parent engagement program.

STEM programs that UWMD has funded have put more than 150,000 students on the path to success in these subjects.

Without a graphing calculator, Cynthia’s high-level math courses were made much harder. Good thing United Way has a few friends who could help.

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Through the United Way funded Destination: Graduation program, Eduardo was able to access college preparation courses that raised his SAT scores and helped him achieve his dream of pursuing a college education.

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Vicente, who will graduate at 17 with his high school diploma and Associate’s Degree, thinks that United Way service provider Trinity River Mission helped develop his skills and abilities so that he could succeed.

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