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Live United

Something happens when people come together, united in a common goal. We create a force for change, bigger and more powerful than any we could create alone.

We Strengthen the
Building Blocks of Opportunity.

Education, income and health form the foundation on which opportunity is built. When we strengthen these building blocks, we give everyone in our community the chance to be happy, healthy and reach for their dreams.

Together, we’ve put opportunity in the hands of one million North Texans this year. More of our students are graduating prepared for success at college or on the job, more local families are financially stable and more neighbors are living healthy lives.

Our Goals

Achieve United
Lift United
Thrive United
Capacity Building Better Together Fund

Encourages and rewards nonprofits that create formal long-term collaborations to maximize impact.

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Capacity Building Nonprofit Success Institute

Provides training and resources to help small nonprofits, churches and neighborhood associations operate efficiently, increase impact and compete for funding.

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Education, Income Southern Dallas Thrives

Creates positive impact in southern Dallas communities by providing healthy meals, quality childcare, career opportunities and preparing students for success.

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Education TEA RECESS

Provides resources for childcare centers to increase the quality of preschool programming and ensure kids start kindergarten ready to thrive.

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Income Dollars For College

Helps kids grow up with a college savings account, substantially increasing their likelihood of attending college and graduating.

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Education First Five

Provides quality childcare in southern Dallas so kids start strong, mothers can work and employers get an expanded workforce.

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Income Ruth Sharp Altshuler Basic Needs Fund

Provides the funding for most of our annual basic needs grants, allowing us to consistently respond to families in need.

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Income Pathways to Work

Creates innovative solutions for moving workers into good jobs and ensures employers have a pipeline of skilled, ready-to-work employees.

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Income Pathways to Economic Mobility

Provides families the tools and know-how to increase savings, improve credit scores, reduce debt and avoid predatory lending products.

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Income Financial Inclusion Roundtable

Gives families access to insured deposit accounts, fair credit and quality financial programs.

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Income Free Tax Prep

Offers free tax preparation services that help families maximize tax refunds and create a foundation for savings.

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Income MyMoneyDFW.com

A digital platform delivering financial tools, information and resources for job support, debt reduction, free tax prep, budgeting and saving.

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Education, Health HOPES - Healthy Outcomes through Prevention & Early Support

Gives local parents the instruction, resources and skills to create home environments in which young children can thrive.

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Education Character Playbook

Encourages middle school students to build values and character with the support and involvement of NFL players and representatives.

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Health Kids Teaching Kids

Engages high school culinary students to create healthy recipes for elementary students to prepare in their 21-Day healthy snacking Challenge.

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Health Just Keep Livin Foundation

Provides afterschool fitness and wellness activities that encourage exercise, nutrition, teamwork, gratitude and community service.

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Health Healthy Zone Schools

Helps schools create a health-conscious culture that improves academic performance and encourages habits for lifelong wellbeing.

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Health North Texas Summer & Supper Council

Supports community organizations that provide nutritious meals to children during the summer months when school is out of session.

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