Our Focus
We tackle complex social problems by surrounding North Texas with programs that make real progress in the areas of Education, Income and Health: the essential components of a thriving community.

Why We Focus on Education, Health and Income

Imagine. You’ve got a home, a job, a family—life is good. Then something bad happens. You get sick, laid off, behind on your rent and suddenly there’s real danger on the horizon.

For many North Texans, it’s not that hard to imagine. They’re facing a perfect storm of poverty, poor health, lack of education, and the feeling there’s no way out. That’s why United Way of Metropolitan Dallas treats 360 degrees of need.

By 2020, we’ll move 250,000 North Texans out of poverty, give thousands the tools to lead healthy, productive lives and ensure that 60% of students graduate with the skills to succeed in whatever comes next.