Update: Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

In times of great need, the power of a united community becomes clear.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. To date, the fund has received nearly $420,000 in donations.

Approximately half of the funds were designated by donors to go to United Way Houston and other South Texas United Ways. The remaining funds will be distributed to organizations in the North Texas community who are supporting displaced families.

To determine the best way to distribute funds locally, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas partnered with the Mayor’s Office, Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), Dallas Independent School District (DISD), Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT), and the Meadows Foundation, among others.

Together, we have determined the following disbursement will best meet the current needs and service gaps left by Hurricane Harvey for those rebuilding their lives in North Texas:

  • $213,000 will go to other United Ways.
  • $75,000 will go to Mass Care Task Force/First Responders, held by CFT. Service providers include The Salvation Army, Red Cross, North Texas Food Bank, and Volunteer Now.
  • $50,000 will go to Kids Fund, held by CFT who has established a coalition of funders—including Educate Texas and the Meadows Foundation—to support North Texas schools who will have new students for the long term.
  • $3,500 will go to Dallas ISD for immediate assistance to support students and families who are temporarily enrolled.
  • $76,000, plus any additional donations, will go to Catholic Charities Dallas to support long-term relief in partnership with the Unmet Needs Committee from Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD).  These funds will be used for:
    • Deposits on apartments and help with rent as evacuees are transitioning into the city
    • Assistance for furniture purchases
    • Transportation assistance, e.g., bus passes, car payments
    • Medical assistance as needed, e.g., lost dentures in hurricane, replacing lost glasses, replacing necessary durable medical supplies
    • Basic needs such as food, clothing, etc.

Grants will be disbursed over the next week.

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