Leadership Society member highlight: Bill Fleming

"My dream is to see Dallas as the best place in America to raise a family and have a successful career." - Bill Fleming, Leadership Society member

Bill Fleming is the Audit Manager at EY, the EY Campaign Coordinator, and a member of the Leadership Council.

Why is it important for you to give back to your community?
United Way has identified opportunities in education, income, and health that will transform our community. I’ve visited multiple United Way agencies and seen the pressing needs and amazing impact firsthand. Most importantly, I’ve met incredible people in our community that are passionate about driving change. That includes Fortune 500 CEOs, Dallas Cowboys legends, young professionals, co-workers, United Way staff, and agency volunteers. Everybody involved with United Way is exceptional and it gives me confidence that we are making an impact.

What is your dream for Dallas?
My first dream is to have Super Bowl, World Series, NBA, and Stanley Cup champions every year. My second dream is to see Dallas as the best place in America to raise a family and have a successful career.

What is your most memorable volunteer or impact moment with United Way?
I visited a United Way agency that offers free daycare to families living in homeless shelters. The agency gives children a safe place to stay during the day while their parents find jobs and get back on their feet. I have a young son at home and can’t imagine the challenges that a homeless parent faces with a newborn or toddler. It is even harder to imagine the challenges that child might face in life. The facility that United Way helps fund was simply incredible. It is top notch and a perfect environment for the children to learn. It was amazing to see the joy in their faces and the impact that the daycare has on their lives.