Fill their needs. And their hearts.

How your donations help prevent child abuse.

When you can reduce the stress on financially strapped parents, or improve family bonding you help prevent child abuse before it happens. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that are needed to create safe, stable homes. Here are just a few examples of how we will use your donations to prevent child abuse.

Formula - $3.14

Provides one day of formula. The added expense of formula can increase the stress on financially strapped parent.

Diapers - $8.07

Provides one week of clean diapers. Access to clean diapers can prevent the parental frustration that often leads to abuse.

Healthy Meals - $20.85

Provides a family with one day of healthy food. Healthy eating and exercise habits can reduce stress, depression, and improve family bonding.

Housing - $35

Provides a child with a safe home for one day. Children struggle to thrive without a safe and consistent home, so we assist families facing financial hardships.

Therapy - $65

Provides one therapy session. Child therapy helps prevent victims of abuse from becoming abusive parents.

Doctor’s Visit - $75

Pays for one doctors visit. Struggling parents may put off a child’s doctor visit, affecting both the child’s health and public healthcare costs

If you don’t help prevent child abuse, who will?