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Join the Live United movement and sign on to our Aspire United 2030 community goals.

We are asking community leaders like you to give input and sign on—adding your name and logo—to the Aspire United 2030 goals. United Way will provide annual progress reports to our partners and the community and ask for your continued input and guidance in the coming years.

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Aspire United 2030 Goals

We’ve collaborated with a broad spectrum of community partners to develop a set of 10-year goals to drive transformative change and advance racial equity in the areas of education, income and health in North Texas.


More North Texas students graduate high school prepared for success

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More North Texans are able to find and maintain work that provides financial stability

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More North Texans have access to physical and mental health care to lead long, healthy lives

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Transformative Change

To achieve this aspiration, United Way will focus on three key levers to drive progress in North Texas over the next 10 years by 2030.

Education 50%

Increase by 50% the number of North Texas students reading on grade level by third grade

Income 20%

Increase by 20% the number of North Texas young adults who earn a living wage, adding nearly $800M in wages per year to the economy

Health 96%

Increase to 96% the number of North Texans with access to affordable health care insurance

Will you be part of the change?


The Building Blocks of Opportunity

These shared community goals are interconnected and interdependent. By strengthening education, income and health together, we can provide ALL North Texans, regardless of race or ZIP code, with the opportunity to develop their full potential.

  • Babies whose mothers receive prenatal care are four times more likely to survive.
  • Children who have good prenatal and early childhood health care are more likely to be prepared for school.
  • Kids who enter school ready to learn are more likely to read proficiently by 3rd grade.
  • Students who read proficiently by third grade are five times more likely to graduate from high school ready for college or career.
  • College graduates can earn $36,000 more a year, giving them the capacity to save for the future.
  • Financially stable adults can cover the costs of health care for themselves and their families.


A 10-Year Blueprint

Aspire United 2030 is a roadmap designed to inform all investments, programs, partnerships and advocacy that will deliver measurable improvements across North Texas in our impact areas of education, income and health. These long-term goals are the result of 18 months of planning, researching and creating models with corporate, civic, philanthropic and nonprofit partners, as well as community leaders and content experts. Through this report, we invite you to explore how we arrived at the Aspire United 2030 goals—and encourage you to sign on to support United Way and your fellow North Texans.

Sign On Toolkit

It will take all of us working together to achieve these bold community goals. We hope you’ll join in by sharing about the goals on social media and/or sending an email to your employees or supporters asking them to sign on too!


Corporate, Civic and Nonprofit Partners who have signed on in support of the Aspire United 2030 Goals

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