Our Mentors - Social Innovation Accelerator

Our Mentors

Our mentors come from all walks of life, from business and philanthropy to academics and advocacy to entrepreneurship, investing and consultancy. But each of them shares the firm belief that social entrepreneurs are the cornerstone of change. If you’re interested in joining their ranks, check out our mentor program or complete our Mentor Interest Form.

Current Mentors

Amber Wagenknecht
Amber Wagenknecht Mentor for Project Phoenix, Akola Project, and Dallas Teacher Residency
Bob Wright
Bob Wright Mentor for Dallas Teacher Residency
Brian Shultz
Brian Shultz Mentor for Education Opens Doors and Upswing
Clarissa Lindenmeyer
Clarissa Lindenmeyer Mentor for P.O.E.T.I.C., Better Block Foundation, and Kimiya International
Cory Ritthaler
Cory Ritthaler Mentor for Hand to Hold, Heart House, and Dwell With Dignity
Cristopher Cervantes
Cristopher Cervantes Mentor for Bonton Farms
Cynthia Nevels
Cynthia Nevels Mentor for Readers 2 Leaders and 2nd Saturday
David Evans
David Evans Mentor for Tacky Box, Skratch, Carson's Village, and The Welman Project
Donna Epps
Donna Epps Mentor for Readers 2 Leaders, Kids-U, and Cornbread Hustle
Erik Laney
Erik Laney Mentor for Trey Athletes and Agape
Gwen Echols
Gwen Echols Mentor for NTARUPT, Carson's Village, and Trusted World
James Tarpeh
James Tarpeh Mentor for P.O.E.T.I.C, Beacon Hill Preparatory Institute, Habitat for Humanity of Collin County, and Dwell With Dignity
Janet Johnston
Janet Johnston Mentor for Bold Idea, Farmers Assisting Return Military, and EdCor Health
Joe Martin
Joe Martin Mentor for Heart House and The Concilio
John Gustafson
John Gustafson Mentor for Habitat for Humanity of Collin County
John Watson
John Watson Mentor for JUST Community, Principal Impact Collaborative, The Home Visit Project, and Trusted World
Ken Barth
Ken Barth Mentor for Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation
Kimberly O'Neil
Kimberly O’Neil Mentor for Rosa es Rojo and Equal Heart
Kolt Sarver
Kolt Sarver Mentor for Hand to Hold
Kregg Jodie
Kregg Jodie Mentor for Tacky Box and Better Block Foundation
Kristina Carbonneau
Kristina Carbonneau Mentor for The Welman Project
Kyle Kraft
Kyle Kraft Mentor for The Walls Project and Kimiya International
Ladd Hirsch
Ladd Hirsch Mentor for Kids-U
Lane Conner
Lane Conner Mentor for Southern Dallas Link and Connected Mind
Michael Martin
Michael Martin Mentor for Yoga N Da Hood, Habitat for Humanity of Collin County, and To Be Like Me
Renee George
Renee George Mentor for Heart House and The Welman Project
Rick Jackson
Rick Jackson Mentor for Yoga N Da Hood, Bonton Farms, Cafe Momentum, Trey Athletes, and Connected Mind
Sara Kite
Sara Kite Mentor for Agape
Shan Zaidi
Shan Zaidi Mentor for My Possibilities, The Walls Project, and EdCor Health, and Agape
Shawn Leamon
Shawn Leamon Mentor for Student Success Agency, Beacon Hill Preparatory Institute, The Home Visit Project, and To Be Like Me
Steven Dennis
Steven Dennis Mentor for My Possibilities, Bonton Farms, Akola Project, Southern Dallas Link, and Dwell With Dignity
Ty McAden
Ty McAden Mentor for Bold Idea, The Home Visit Project, and Cornbread Hustle
Van Sheets
Van Sheets Mentor for JUST Community, ScholarShot, and The Concilio