What We Do

We find the needs and help solve them.

We identify gaps in existing local services and create new programs to fill them. We provide summer meals so kids don’t go hungry when they lack school lunches. We distribute children’s books to help get kids kindergarten-ready. We offer prenatal care, diabetes clinics, workforce training and financial services that help people keep more of their hard-earned money. And these are just a few examples.

We invest in programs that work.

We provide grants to the best existing community programs so they can do more. We help them improve their organizational efficiency and operations and forge partnerships to encourage collaboration.

We inspire philanthropy.

We mobilize volunteers, spur business participation and make the public and lawmakers care. We inspire people from all across our community to join us in making a difference.

We hold ourselves and our partners accountable.

We set bold goals and measure progress to ensure we’re making the biggest impact possible.